What Happened Between Simon Henry and Nadia Lim? DGL Boss Comments On Appearance Sparks Controversy

Nadia Lim as of late got called out by Simon Henry, a conspicuous finance manager. The remark he as of late disregarded on has circled virtual entertainment, putting two on the map considers along with the light.

As both are notable well known individuals, individuals follow them and their day to day existence refreshes. Furthermore, with the new contention on them, they have turned into the argument over the web.


Here, we should hear more about what has drawn public consideration while they are in major trouble with one another.

What Happened Between Simon Henry And Nadia Lim? A New Zealand finance manager, Simon Henry, is as of now when there’s no other option with a big name culinary expert, Nadia Lim, a notable TV character. He as of late passed on a remark on her that grabbed the public’s attention.

His calling toward the culinary expert stunned numerous supporters while they opened a conversation on the two popular well known people. Henry discussed Nadia in his rich rundown interview the last month with NBR.

At that point, he discussed the prime supporter of My Food Bag, Lim, while remarking on the TV character. Since the meeting, the financial specialist and a big name business person appear to be when absolutely necessary.

Likewise, Nadia has as of late gotten down on the financial specialist on the 84-page plan, referencing, “Unfortunate person. It’s so miserable. He’ll likely never get to experience or realize that there are such countless individuals out there who he thinks can’t contribute…”

DGL CEO Simon Henry Comments On Nadia Lim-What Did He Say? In a meeting with NBR, DGL CEO Simon Henry said, “When you have Nadia Lim when you have a smidgen of Eurasian cushion in your outline with a pullover unfastened showing some cleavage,…”

He added, “and that is the stuff to sell your scrip, then, at that point, you realize you’re in a difficult situation. Return to that outline and track down that photograph. You realize you’re not kidding.”

“At the end of the day, you know; when you got a TV VIP flaunting her sexiness to sell scrip, then you realize that is no joke.”

Pummeled Misogynist Simon Henry Nadia Lim’s Drama Nadia Lim pummeled Simon Henry’s sexist talk and dramatization on page 23, remarking on his meeting. She referenced, “… that assuming he really got to know them and work with them could open a universe of chances and do incredible things with him.”

She added, “Yet don’t bother, certain individuals are still on an excursion. It’s totally off-base and simply insignificant.”