What Happened To Abe And Rebecca From Breaking Amish? A Peek Into Their Married Life

What has been going on with Abe and Rebecca from Breaking Amish? Rebecca and Abe carry on with a quiet hitched existence with their family away from the spotlight.

Abe and Rebecca were among the five youthful Amish individuals featuring in Season 1 of the attention series Breaking Amish. The show appeared on September 9, 2012, and it was coordinated by Eric Evangelist.


Breaking Amish is an unscripted TV drama that follows the biography of five youthful grown-ups passing on their prohibitive Amish people group to track down opportunity. The gathering head to New York keeping in mind the desire of freedom and an existence of decision.

Jeremiah Raber co-featured in Breaking Amish close by Abe and Rebecca. You can learn about Raber’s mom Sherry Hiltabidel and Family Truth on this site.

Rebecca Schmucker age is 31 years starting around 2023. She praises her birthday on October 11 consistently. At the time she appeared in Breaking Amish, Rebecca was 20 years.

Toward the finish of the primary time of the show, Rebecca Byler got hitched to her co-star Abe Schmucker. The couple have been honored with two delightful little girls.

Abe and Rebecca have chosen to carry on with a serene life away from the spotlight. The couple is currently centered around the prosperity of their loved ones.

Are Abe Rebecca still together? Indeed, Abe and Rebecca are carrying on with together a blissful wedded life and continuing forward than any time in recent memory.

The couple praised their ninth wedding commemoration in 2021. Rebecca shared a post by means of her Instagram on September 25 and recalled the day the couple traded their marital promises.

The Separating Amish star added her wedded life as everything except exhausting. She shared that the couple frequently discusses how fortunate they truly are to be carrying on with this coexistence. Fortunate to have opportunity of decision in all that they do.

Abe proposed to his co-star on the arrangement of the tender loving care series, Breaking Amish in 2012. The two Amish individuals met each other for the absolute first time in New York and shaped a bond while going for the show.

The couple was projected in the primary time of Breaking Amish in 2012. The two of them showed up in 10 episodes of the unscripted TV drama. They got hitched during the finale of Season 1.

The Schmuckers got back to the screen in 2017 for the Season 4 of Return to Amish and gave an update about their wedded life and family.

At the time they showed up on television, a ton of goodies about relationship courses of events and confidential life arose in the media. The couple turned into the subject of analysis and confronted a backfire with respect to their exploitative cases.

As indicated by an Everyday Mail UK article both Abe and Rebecca dishonestly guaranteed that they had never met before while they showed up on Breaking Amish interestingly.

Moreover, in one of the episodes, Rebecca confessed to Abe about her past relationship. At the time of truth, she uncovered that she as of late got separated from her previous accomplice, Rufus Hosteler.

Notwithstanding, it was uncovered that the two stars previously had a youngster in their association way before Rebecca acknowledged Abe’s proposition on television and admitted about her past relationship.

This disclosure created an uproar in the media and watchers began to scrutinize the genuineness of the show.

The couple left the tender loving care show to focus entirely on bringing up their kids and taking care of the family.

The Schmuckers have been honored with two cute children. They are pleased guardians who need to give the most ideal childhood to their posterity.

Rebecca took to Twitter to report that she and her accomplice won’t return for the impending episodes of Return to Amish. She composed that the choice was taken considering the reality not set in stone to zero in on things that bring the family closer.

She further added that the couple was carrying on with their best life. Abe and Rebecca appeared in Crushing Amish spirit in 2012. They returned for the fourth time of Return to Amish in 2017.

The couple had consistently selected to get their confidential life far from the spotlight. Presently, with the declaration, they have finished their television professions too.

Abe and Rebecca child incorporate two girls Kayla Schmucker and Malika Schmucker. The couple is bringing their children up in Pennsylvania.

Abe and Rebecca girl Kayla Schmucker was born in February 2011. She is the firstborn of the television stars.

Kayla commended her eleventh birthday celebration in 2022. Rebecca wished a cheerful birthday to her favorite by means of Instagram. She composed that her most loved ‘savant’ is more mocking than herself and amusing to be with.

She further added that the mother-girl pair has best times snickering till destroys run their cheeks. One of Schmucker’s #1 things is watching motion pictures with Kayla.

The 12-year-old is the big sister of Malika. The two kin were born three years separated.

Abe and Rebecca girl Malika Schmucker was born in January 2014. Malika is the most youthful offspring of the television stars.

The authority Facebook page of Breaking Amish saluted the guardians and broadened their affection and backing.

Rebecca shared a selfie with Malika through her Instagram on December 24, 2021. Through the post, she illuminated her devotees that her girl would turn eight the next month.

The Re-visitation of Amish star added that she feels favors to have two solid and cheerful young ladies who are close to half adults. She shared that she cherishes being a mother since her children make life such a ton better.

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The glad mother of two children imparts a ton of affectionate recollections to her kids through her online entertainment profile. The young ladies look more than blissful in every others organization and continuously having some good times.

Rebecca Schmucker first spouse is Rufus Hostetler. Rebecca headed out in different directions from Rufus in 2010.

The Everyday Mail UK report expresses that Rebecca traded the marital promises with Hostetler in Walk 2010. Only a couple of months into the marriage, Rebecca selected separate.

Schmucker passed on her previous accomplice to be along with Abe. In October 2010. Hostetler shared about the occurrence and uncovered that Rebecca left him for Abe.

The Breaking Amish star has no children with her ex, Hostetler.