What Happened To Andrew Finch? Innocent Man Dies After A Prank Call Led SWAT Team To Take Action


Andrew Finch was an ordinary man partaking in his December night with his family when he was taken shots dead at his entryway by Wichita cops.

His uncanny passing called for wide public and global consideration that year. Given the way that the man had no set of experiences of violations and bad behaviors, he died a quiet passing out of nowhere.


The Wichita police were considered answerable for Andrew’s inconvenient and imprudent demise. The Finch family faced a close to home lawful conflict to carry equity to the died.

Starting around 2022, Netflix has presented “Web of Make Believe: Death, Lies and the Internet,” coordinated by Brian Knappenberger, which portrays six wrongdoing stories on internet based action and innovation.

Kansas.com reports Andrew’s story is the first and furthermore the most well known piece of the series to the extent that the audit has brought in since June 15.

Who Was Andrew Finch From Wichita? Andrew Finch was a family man from Wichita who lived on West McCormick Street.

The evening of his demise, he was living it up with his big family, including his mom and other more distant family individuals. He was a single parent of two kids, Danika and Aiden.

Before his home, Mr. Finch was shot to death by Wichita Police Department official Justin Rapp on December 28, 2018. To be exact, Finch turned into a survivor of smacking.

Seattle Police has named smacking as the demonstration of making a lie emergency call normally including prisoners, gunfire, or different demonstrations of outrageous viciousness, determined to redirect crisis public security assets to a clueless individual’s home.

He died a miserable and blameless demise, and his family is left sorrowful. His demise case turned into the main serious instance of smacking in the country as the dependable individuals were considered responsible with heavy judicial procedures.

Finch’s passing has turned into a heritage as regulation and legitimate consideration regarding smacking definitely different and painstakingly viewed.

What Happened With Andrew Finch? More On His Death By Swat Andrew Finch heard police alarms outside his home that evening and went to see what had occurred.

A unique police force had encircled the Finch’s home arranged at 1033 West McCormick Street after they got an emergency call from an individual named Brian.

The dispatcher guaranteed he had lethally shot his dad and was holding relatives at gunpoint. He further inquired as to whether police were coming to the house, saying he had previously poured fuel out of control and taken steps to set it ablaze.

Getting such a serious case, the police quickly arrived at the referenced home, where a veteran official Justin Rapp shot Andrew after the last option emerged from the house.

A video film presumed that Rapp had shot Finch seven seconds after Finch had opened his entryway.

The horrendous scene was brought about by two teenagers, Casey Viner and Shane Gaskill, who got into a web-based contention more than a $1.50 bet in an internet based match of the computer game “Vital mission at hand: WWII.”

During the debate, Viner took steps to have Gaskill smacked, and Gaskill had answered by giving him a bogus location for his home. Viner then requested that Tyler Barriss settle on the smack decision to the location that Andrew Finch occupied.

The late Finch had no associations with three men and was not a COD player.

The third individual, Tyler Barriss, engaged with the lethal case was a vagrant referred to online as “SWAuTistic.”

As he had a crook record, including aggressive behavior at home and comparative smacking cases, he was a needed man in Panama City, Florida. Barriss had once conveyed around 30 other bomb intimidations in Canada.

His offenses likewise incorporate conveying bogus bomb intimidations against KABC-TV, a primary school in Los Angeles, and a center school in Granada Hills.

In 2017, the famous “SWAuTistic” likewise acknowledged Viner’s solicitation to settle on the phony decision to Wichita police.

Andrew Finch Family Filed A Lawsuit Against SWAT Andrew Finch’s crushed family had recorded a claim against the Wichita Police Department for their imprudence in taking care of the December 28 circumstance.

The late Andrew’s mom, Lisa Finch, has been vocal about her child’s outlandish passing as the police shot him straight on his chest.

The police didn’t even try to investigate what is happening and secure the thought Andrew, whom the police mixed up as Brian, the smack guest.

Finch was articulated dead at St. Francis Hospital seventeen minutes subsequent to being shot. Lisa Finch was further enraged that the entire family was requested to execute their home and were bound.

The Finch family was taken to the police headquarters for additional scrutinizing, ABC News investigates Lisa’s infuriation.

Be that as it may, the official who shot Andrew was not charged however he showed up being investigated. The Finch’s family members and allies can’t help contradicting the court’s choice as they firmly requested Rapp be considered responsible.

In the mean time, the court condemned Casey “Baperizer” Viner” to two years of local area administration and one year and 90 days in jail. He was 18 around then and an understudy at North College Hill, Ohio. Shane “Miruhcle” Gaskill was condemned to two years of probation. He is from Wichita, Kansas.

Moreover, the smack guest, Tyler Raj “SWAuTistic” Barriss, was condemned to 20 years in jail. CNN definite the court conversations and gave more knowledge into his past activities.

However the three people confronted lawful anger, general society and Wichita occupants were miserable as Rapp was not prosecuted.

Result the episode and fights in court standing out as truly newsworthy, the Wichita occupants had required a city gathering meeting on January 9, 20,18, to voice worries regarding the matter.

The gathering likewise scrutinized the arrival of just seven seconds of the police body cam film and contended that the city ought to take on full obligation to stay away from an extended battle by the Finch family for equity.

The Finch family keeps on respecting Andrew’s passing and hold functions to mindful the country of such cases.