What happened to Antonio de la Cruz? Mexican journalist’s daughter dies of gunshot wounds suffered in same attack that killed him


Cinthya de la Cruz Martnez, the little girl of the Mexican columnist Antonio de la Cruz, died of shot injuries on Friday. Her dad was mercilessly killed on Wednesday, June 29, 2022. He had worked for the nearby paper Expreso for quite some time.

He is the twelfth columnist to be killed in Mexico such a long ways in 2022, and the number continues to develop consistently.


Antonio de la Cruz was sitting in his vehicle with his family before his home when he was shot and killed. Cinthya, his 23-year-old little girl, was additionally at the scene and got injured in the head. She was taken to a nearby clinic in the line province of Tamaulipas, Mexico. After two days, she died from her wounds.

Expreso says that Cinthya was covered on Sunday close to her dad. Antonio de la Cruz and the destiny of writers in an undeniably threatening Mexico In 2022, Mexico is perhaps of the most hazardous spot on the planet for writers. In a nation where coordinated wrongdoing causes debasement and savagery, the right to speak freely of discourse is something risky to need. Cruz was shot before his home in Ciudad Victoria, the capital of Tamaulipas. He was one of numerous wrongdoing columnists who have been killed as of late for expounding on unrestrained wrongdoing in Mexico.

Cruz functioned as a journalist for the paper Expreso, where he expounded on provincial and social issues. The paper has had inconvenience in the past with criminal gatherings in the country. Previously, there were reports of a vehicle bomb going off before the paper building. In 2018, the paper got a cooler with a human head in it and a note telling them not to expound on wrongdoing in the city.

Tamaulipas is in the north of Mexico and offers a line with the United States. It is where brutal medication cartels set up for business. Antonio de la Cruz realize that his city was not doing so great and that there was a ton of defilement among government authorities.
What’s the deal with the Antonio de la Cruz case now?

Further advancements in the Antonio de la Cruz case The Movimiento Ciudadano ideological group and its nearby delegate, Gustavo Cardenas Gutiérrez, have revolted against the fierce killing of the columnist. Francisco Garca Cabeza de Vaca, who is the legislative leader of Tamaulipas, said that he would investigate the “fainthearted wrongdoing.”

The top of the National Press Club and the top of the The leader of the National Press Club and the leader of the National Press Club Journalism Institute each said something about Antonio de la Cruz’s passing:

Subsequent to being shot, Lil Tjay awakens and is making a course for recuperation. The piece of the workplace of the state examiner that investigates wrongdoings against the right to speak freely of discourse will begin an examination.