What happened to Baby Junior Sagini? Mike Sonko offers Ksh400k to the police who killed the Suspect?

A three-year-old kid, Child Sagini, from Ikuruma town in Marani, Kisii District is confessed to a clinic in Kisii town after his eyes were gouged out by obscure individuals. We should figure out additional insights concerning the occurrence.

To Stay Blind Until the end of His Life Specialists have informed them that youthful Junior Sagini, the casualty of the terrible assault, will stay blind until the end of his life.


It seems like a sharp item, like a blade, was utilized, said Dr. Daniel Kiage at the facility. “Sagini’s eyes had been taken out absolutely and there are a few wounds in the tops,” he said.

His family has mentioned that specialists find and rebuff the people liable for the strange deed that stunned so many. Grandmother and the dad of Child Sagini gave police sworn proclamations. Also, police are looking for the two eyes. No blood was found at the spot. Persuading agents to think that the horrifying wrongdoing was perpetrated some place before the body was left at the property.Mike Sonko has offered Ksh400k to Kill the Suspect Mike Sonko, a previous legislative leader of Nairobi, has guaranteed Ksh400,000 to any cop who kills individuals from the posse liable for gouging out Junior Sagini the child’s eyes.

Sonko communicated his most profound dissatisfaction over the awful episode that occurred in Kisii province on his authority Twitter account. Furthermore, he vowed to pay Ksh200,000 to any individual who gave data that would empower police to track down the culprit (s). I likewise offer an extra 200k to anybody who gives data that empowers the specialists to stop this gathering of defeatists, the man proceeded. Child Sagini hijacked Obscure people hijacked Child Sagini. They gouged out his eyes and unloaded him on the family’s banana estate.

The kid’s grandmother went to the spring to search for him, however she couldn’t track down him. The kid was found six hours after he was captured from his family’s banana ranch.

He was recognized in Ikuruma town in Marani, Kisii District, on Wednesday night, December 14, 2022.

He had both of his eyes totally eliminated, and his eyelids had experienced impressive harm. So it seems like a sharp item, similar to a blade, was utilized, the specialist added.

Who are the Suspects? The kid’s dad was first confined by police as a suspect for the situation, however he was subsequently liberated because of an absence of proof connecting him to the wrongdoing. Rael Mayieka, the kid’s grandma, guaranteed that her grandson was headed to a close by spring to assemble water when the occurrence happened.

The kid purportedly dropped his jerrycan into an adjoining shrubbery and began taking off while as yet being around different children. Different children let the kid’s grandmother know what had happened when they got back conveying jerrycans loaded with water.

Families Hurrying to Accelerate the Examination Head of Criminal Examinations Mohamed Amin said they need to know the rationale and those behind the unusual episode. His more established brother, who had gone to slash grass for the cows, jumped on him in a maize ranch and he dashed home winded to illuminate us. We went to the area and found the adolescent squirming in pain with his eyeballs gouged out, Mayieka reviewed.

“We endeavored to chase after him however the entirety of our endeavors demonstrated purposeless. The kid’s family is begging the police to speed up their requests and secure those liable for this deplorable wrongdoing.

Virtual Entertainment Posting Sonko Posted Taking to his authority Twitter account, Sonko communicated most extreme disillusionment over the sad occurrence that happened in Kisii district.

“I’ve truly been disheartened by this miserable episode and thusly offer Ksh400k (400,000/=) to any cop/officials who will shoot dead the individuals from this infamous pack . In the event that IPOA wallet ujuaji I actually proposition to remain with the officials’ ridge watadedisha Hawa majangili washenzi,” Sonko composed. Companion of God Posted Who will see this and neglect to cry? His abductors could never have kindness glutting his little eyes in a six hours difficulty! Three years of age child sagini’s destiny is fixed. What is going on with life, humankind is brutal! Who will hear this and neglect to cry?