What Happened To Bill aka William Pagano From Festus Missouri? Tim Todd Murder Update


Bill, otherwise known as William Pagano, shot himself since he would have rather not gone to jail as a convict. He was accused of killing his companion Tim Todd.

In one of the episodes of Investigation Discovery’s-I Went Undercover: No Turning Back, the instance of Tim Todd’s homicide is examined. The examination of his passing was very difficult, yet the specialists made stunning revelations that addressed the case and carried them to the preparator.


What Happened To Bill otherwise known as William Pagano From Festus Missouri? A previous Festus police boss, Bill otherwise known as William Pagano, was accused of killing Tim Todd. In 1994, he was viewed as at fault for second-degree murder and furnished horrific act.

The story develop in a sensational manner as his old buddy Tim likewise named Mark, a cop who had visited him before the homicide to discuss the arrangement of the supposed killing of his significant other.

It was late uncovered that Mark was involved with William’s girl and needed to begin existence with her. Be that as it may, he had a spouse and didn’t have any desire to seek legal separation all things considered. Subsequently, he went to William to request his recommendation and solicitation him to recruit a contract killer.

Around then, William was stunned yet said nothing and conformed to his companion’s solicitation. He said that he had employed the contract killer and requested that Mark stay with him at his home.

In this manner, upon the arrival of the homicide, the casualty visited Pagano’s home to meet the assassin. In any case, he was tracked down lying in a pool of blood in the carport. What’s more, Pagano said that he shot his companion with good reason. He guaranteed that he was attempting to capture him for his arrangement to kill his significant other.

Nonetheless, Mark, who was at the carport then, at that point, rushed to hide behind a vehicle, making William figure he would discharge his firearm at him. Subsequently, without allowing him any opportunity to shoot the firearm, William fired his companion, and the casualty died on the spot.

Tim Todd Murder Update On Investigation Discovery However, the specialists would never detain him since he ended it all not long after the police showed up to arrest him. He died with a solitary shot to the head on August 23, 1994, subsequent to promising that he could never enter jail as a detainee.

The court had condemned them to 20 and 3 years in prison in spite of his request of not liable and case of self-preservation. The police disregarded his self-preservation claims since they found the casualty unarmed. In this manner, as per news sources, William’s case of feeling undermined was not thought of.

Who Is Stephanie Pagano and Where Is She? Stephanie Pagano is the girl of William Pagano. She was the person who was purportedly having an unsanctioned romance with Tim. Nonetheless, during the preliminary, she guaranteed that the casualty was beguiled by her since youth.

They likewise had a relationship for a long time, however she parted ways with him since he was excessively possessive. Nonetheless, Tim’s companions expressed the inverse was the situation, and Stephanie was the possessive one. Her whereabouts at present are not known.