What Happened To Bobby Ojay? Death Of Memphis Radio DJ Shocks Family And Fans

O’Jay was drafted into the Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame on July 31 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, as one of Memphis’ most notable radio characters.

Melvin Jones, the chief minister of Victory in Christ Christian Church, who was a radio and record leader in O’Jay’s initial days, was a motivation to him.


DJ Bobby Ojay Death Cause – How Did He Die? Dj Ojay died while at work, as per radio character Bev Johnson.

The radio broadcast was just playing music when Ojay got the telephone at 9 a.m. The reason for death still can’t seem not set in stone.

He was born in Batesville, Mississippi, in 1953, and started his vocation in radio in Montgomery, Alabama, prior to moving to Memphis in 1983 to work for WDIA.

Ojay was likewise named for the National Radio Hall of Fame and drafted into the Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame in 2021.

Bobby, the WDIA DJ, and program chief have been on the radio for more than 40 years, 38 of those in Memphis.

WDIA was the main radio broadcast in the United States to communicate just African-American programming. In 2013, the station was enlisted into the Hall of Fame.

Tribute Post Flow On Facebook For DJ Bobby Ojay When the fresh insight about Memphis radio DJ Bobby Ojay’s passing became public, his loved ones started sending accolades for him on Facebook and other web-based entertainment stages.

Many individuals loved him, and his name has been moving via web-based entertainment.

Chip Washington, a Facebook client, has additionally expounded on him “One of my radio features was having him on my Real Talk Memphis public broadcast a couple of months back.

We lived it up discussing his long and effective vocation.As has forever been said, we never know the day or the hour God will call us home. Bobby is presently home and settled and rest.”

What Illness Does DJ Bobby Ojay Have? Bobby Ojay has been with WDIA beginning around 1983 and recently filled in as Program Director of the station.

There was no past data concerning his wellbeing status. He gives off an impression of being healthy, yet his demise has come as a shock to everybody.

Ojay worked in Milwaukee, Montgomery, Alabama, Houston, Dallas, and Chicago prior to moving to Memphis.

Bobby Ojay, the station’s program chief and host, was answerable for the morning show’s notoriety as the city’s most-watched.

Passing Of DJ Bobby Ojay Shocks Family Dj Bobby Ojay’s passing shocked his family, and they might be going through a troublesome time. Dj Bobby, then again, has kept his own life hidden from the press.

We express our sincere sympathy to his loved ones. We trust that God gives individuals who are lamenting the departure of a friend or family member the strength and boldness to go on.

However our words are deficient, we trust that our contemplations and petitions to heaven can comfort during this troublesome time.