What happened to Cathy Swartz? Police identify suspect in 1988 murder of teen mom


On Monday, May 1, the Three Streams Police Division reported that they have made a capture in the 1988 homicide of Cathy Swartz, the 19-year-old who was cut and choked to death while her then nine-month-old child was in the following room. Authorities have recognized the great suspect in the killing as 53-year-old Robert Waters, who had been dwelling in South Carolina.

The Three Streams Police Division noticed that while the case had gone cold for over thirty years, new criminology innovation permitted them to make a leap forward.


Mike Mohney, a specialist who investigated the case in 1988, had said that Cathy Swartz and Robert Waters took part in a long battle that started in the first floor kitchen. The two seemed to battle while Swartz attempted to get away from higher up, to her room.

Waters supposedly followed her prior to wounding her, beating her, and at last gagging her to death. Courtney Swartz, Cathy’s girl, was in the following room as the casualty was killed.

Soon thereafter, Cathy Swartz’s sweetheart got back to the ridiculous crime location. Answering officials found that the executioner had abandoned an impression, a unique mark, and blood. They accepted that he had put on something else before he left the location of the crime.

The case went cold for quite a long time. David Swartz, the casualty’s dad, said that he brought up Cathy’s little girl Courtney with his better half. Courtney is currently a mother too.

In 2022, the case was resumed after improvements in DNA innovation. Specialists utilized the 1988 blood tests to do geanological tests, driving them to Waters’ loved ones. They eventually started to think that Robert Waters was the most probable culprit.

In the consequence of the declaration that Waters had been captured, Cathy Swartz’s girl offered her thanks.

“You guys!!!!!!! I haven’t got to converse with anybody yet I simply need to connect and say thank you soooooo much this was quite a while pausing and most certainly required.”
The police declared by means of a public statement:

“While nothing can supplant the deficiency of Cathy Swartz, and the effect this silly misfortune has had, we trust the ID and capture of a suspect will carry a hotly anticipated conclusion to her family and companion.”
The argument against Waters is as of now progressing.