What Happened To Destoni On Dr Phil? 14-year-old Aggressive Daughter Of Melissa Details

Destoni, the little girl of Melissa, is a crazy teen who showed up on Dr. Phil. For those not acquainted with Dr. Phil, it is an American Talk show made by Oprah Winfrey that offers life procedures. The show’s host, Dr. Phillip Calvin McGraw, is an accomplished clinical clinician with over 25 years of involvement. He assists those with psychological sickness, outrage the board issues, PTSD, and some more.

Destoni, who has issues controlling her fury, showed up on Dr. Phil on June 7, 2022. She was aided episode 101, named Destoni’s Drama: Will She Accept Help?


Destoni’s Wikipedia-Who Is The 14-year-old Aggressive Daughter Of Melissa? Destoni is a 14-year-old teen and an understudy. She is the girl of Melissa, a conventional mother who thinks about her youngster’s future.

The teen has an outrage the executives issue quite early in life. Her forceful conduct even removed her from two unique schools.

As indicated by the Dr. Phil episode, Destoni gave rough dangers to her cohorts and educators. She was a harasser who experienced issues making companions. In addition, she couldn’t zero in on her studies and day to day positions.

In the middle of between the episode, Phil asks Desoni: ‘What allows you to take a butcher blade and pursue someone?’. Then, she recognizes that she utilized a butcher blade to pursue the sitter of her more youthful sister since they “kind of irritated” her.

She additionally concedes that she was removed from each school she went to due to her brutal activities.

Destoni says: ‘When I blow up, I simply mean to take it to, similar to, a discussion, however at that point it gets into punching, striking, thumping my head into things.’

Melissa and Destoni’s grandma, Michelle, say they are scared about where Destoni’s disastrous way would lead. Thus, they showed up on Dr. Phil, expecting to fix the issues with their high school girl.

What has been going on with Destoni On Dr. Phil? Destoni’s displeasure issue started between the age of 3 and 4, she says in Dr. Phil’s episode. Her conduct turned after kindergarten, and the circumstance deteriorated as she matured.

As a youngster, Destoni saw her mother getting beaten by her dad. Likewise, her father left and went to jail. This large number of circumstances upset her young mind, and she started showing her feelings through outrage. Likewise, the young person says she and her mother don’t get along, as her mother faults her for everything.

After hearing everything from both the mother and little girl, Phil presumed that it was Destoni’s concern as well as her mom’s. He similarly faults Melissa for the circumstance and cases the nuclear family is useless.

Accoridng to Dr. Phil, Melissa shouldn’t fight with her little girl, as it could prompt bigger battles. Additionally, she shouldn’t compromise Destoni to bring her into child care.

Where Could Destoni Now be? Destoni was required a development by Dr. Phil on June 12, 2022. She was shipped off the Center For Discovery’s RTC family program.

The RTC represents Residential treatment, which assists individuals with completely zeroing in on their recuperation without the outside stressors of life back home. The program likewise permits people to mingle and learn in a genuine setting.

Destoni is currently figuring out how to control outrage with the Center For Discovery, according to the new episode. We will hear from Dr. Phil about her advancement in a later show.