What Happened To Devan Duniver? The Unsolved Murder & False Confession Makes For A True Crime Delight


Devan Duniver was killed in the mid 2000s the case actually stays strange.

This Friday, TABC News will air a 20/20 section about a virus case in New Philadelphia. Anthony Harris, at 12 years of age, conceded to killing his kid neighbor Devan Duniver in 1998.


Harris was tracked down liable by an adjudicator, however his protectors asserted that the police utilized undermining cross examination techniques to urge him into conceding. He won his allure following two years in adolescent prison, and his conviction was at last turned around.

ABC 20/20: What Happened To Devan Duniver? Anthony Harris was 12 years of age when he was blamed for killing his kid neighbor, Devan Duniver, and was at last sentenced. Harris’ conviction was at long last upset, yet he guarantees the homicide actually torment him over 20 years after the fact.

During a select meeting with ABC News’ a long time back, Harris said that she was so youthful and she had died away.

Inhabitants who went through hours looking for Devan after she disappeared on June 27, 1998, in her New Philadelphia, Ohio, neighborhood reflected Harris’ perspective. As indicated by Harris, there were leads for the situation that were not followed.

After she strolled outside to play, Devan evaporated. Lori went through the early evening time searching for Devan and called the police in the evening when she discovered that she was absent. Harris and his family shared an apartment complex with the Dunivers and helped with the chase.
Many individuals ended up assisting in the chase.

Devan was found dead in the forest behind her home the following day, with a few blade wounds to her neck. At the point when Harris was first addressed, examiners guaranteed he provided clashing realities about where he was and what he was doing during the period the young lady was absent.

Devan Duniver Murder Wikipedia Two youthful local area individuals were suddenly torn from their life throughout the mid year of 1998 for occupants of a New Philadelphia, Ohio, apartment building.

Devan Duniver, then, at that point, five years of age, evaporated from her home on June 27 of that year. There was hopefulness for a period that the youngster was alright, however that trust was quickly run the following day when her body was found in a close by forested region. She had been lethally cut multiple times in the neck.

Local people were faltering from the awful and ruthless demise of a blameless little kid, and police were under expanding strain to catch her assailant.

Who Killed Devan Duniver? Specialists recognized Anthony Harris, a 12-year-old kid who lived in similar condo as Devan, fourteen days after his body was found. He initially helped Lori in the chase, yet the police were dubious of him because of his prior danger against Devan.

Following that, Anthony and his mom, Cynthia Harris, continued to the police headquarters for a vocal pressure test.

Before the test, one of the agents plunked down with Anthony, while Cynthia watched from another room. The meeting should foster an affinity among Anthony and the agent at that point.

Nonetheless, Anthony was every now and again blamed for killing Devan all through that meeting. While he at first denied any inclusion in the occurrence, he at long last admitted, confessing to cutting her in the throat. “Most likely two times,” Anthony answered when asked how frequently he had made it happen.