What Happened To Donna Summers From Kentucky McDonald’s?


Donna Summers From McDonalds lives unnoticed after the Strip-Search episode in Kentucky. Donna Summers life partner Nix was caught for his offense.

In the Netflix narrative Don’t Get The Telephone, the audience is accepted through scam calls made somewhere in the range of 1992 and 2004, focusing on different cafés and supermarkets around the US.


For each situation, the guest feigns to be a cop and convinces the board that one of their staff individuals had been blamed for looting clients.

The chiefs were then taught to do a strip search or take part in private offense with a particular worker until the man on the telephone was cheerful.

On April 9, 2004, a comparable call was put to a McD’s café in Mount Washington, Kentucky, requesting that associate supervisor Donna strip search one of her staff individuals, Louise Ogborn.

Donna Summers documented a $50 million claim against McDonalds and got $1 million in corrective harms. Donald additionally got $100,000 in compensatory harms.

She was grief stricken when she comprehended what her life partner had done and canceled her commitment right away.

Nix was confined and blamed for homosexuality in return for affirming for his bad behavior; the public authority gave him a supplication deal that incorporated a diminished sentence.

He acknowledged the understanding right away and was allowed a 5-year prison term in 2006. Moreover, Donna entered an Alford liable request to a charge of unfair limitation that very year and was saved waiting on the post trial process for a year.

Besides, Donna was excused by McD’s for abusing organization arrangements, albeit the supposed guest, David Stewart, was found not guilty in 2006.

In 2007, Donna recorded a $50 million claim three years after the occasion against Mcdonald’s, charging that the restaurant chain knew about the trick calls yet didn’t immediately caution Donna.

The activity was effective for Donna in light of the fact that McDonald’s was requested to pay her $1.1 million in punitive fees, which was subsequently decreased to $400,000 on advance in 2009.

Donna from McDonalds and Walter Nix were locked in at the hour of the trick call. The two of them lived in Kentucky.

She imparted responsibility for café to Kim Dockery and filled in as the Mount Washington Mcdonald’s associate administrator. Those acquainted with Donna and Nix viewed them as a regular American couple who were content with each other and anxious to start a coexistence.

The event was even more dazzling in light of the fact that Donna was viewed as a caring colleague director, despite the fact that the two had no criminal narratives. On April 9, 2004, a person who professed to be cop Scott reached the Mount Washington Mcdonald’s.

Scott expressed that a client had grumbled to his specialty that a youthful white woman who worked there had taken a portion of his stuff. Louise Ogborn, who is eighteen years of age, was recognized as the individual who matched the guest’s depiction when Donna led staff profiling.

Louise was in this manner called to the workplace at Scott’s solicitation and offered an individual hunt at the police headquarters or one inside the café. Donna convinced Louise to agree to a hunt while at work and adhered to the guest’s guidelines.

Donna then, at that point, reached Nix, her life partner, and requested that he meet her at the eatery prior to securing him in a room with Louise. The CCTV tape that records the occasion shows Nix attacking Louise and in any event, punching her while requesting that she participate in close action.

When the guest requested that Nix be changed, Donna at long last called the upkeep specialist, Thomas Simms, who perceived what was happening and dropped the call prior to calling the police.