What Happened To Dr. Joseph ‘Joe’ Sonnier? Dateline Tonight Explores The Murder Mystery


Dr. Joseph Sonnier, a pathologist from Lubbock, Texas, was killed in his own home, leaving the police and his relatives with a path of unanswered inquiries.

The case became progressively contorted with each upsetting disclosure, including a homicide for-enlist plot, a tangled circle of drama, and two crushed families.


Following David Shepard’s conviction for the homicide in 2013, it has been more than decade since the terrible homicide of a rumored specialist, whose demise was the result of a foolish plot. Presently, NBC Dateline is at long last going to investigate the case.

The Lone Star Obsession version of NBC Dateline, which broadcasted on August 13, 2022, gave a careful record of the occasions that occurred in the existences of people associated with the matter.

Dr. Joseph ‘Joe’ Sonnier Murder-What Happened To Him? Dr. Joseph Sonnier was lethally killed and cut by an employed agreement executioner in his Lubbock, Texas, home in 2012.

Sonnier was a top pathologist in Texas. He was seeing a woman named Richelle Shetina around then. About a year had passed since the two at first met and experienced passionate feelings for.

Dr. Thomas Dixon, a notable plastic specialist in Amarillo, who was Shetina’s previous sweetheart, had supposedly become desirous of their sentiment. He requested one from his buddies, David Shepard, to follow the two and attempt to separate the relationship.

Following those occurrences, Sonnier was killed, Dixon and Shepard were seen as at real fault for the homicide, and there was a claim of a homicide for-employ plan.

In quite possibly of the most peculiar episode, the city of Lubbock has at any point seen, Sonnier was killed because of a purportedly harmful and fixated heartfelt triangle.

Where Is Dr. Joseph ‘Joe’ Sonnier’s Girlfriend Rachel Shetina Today? TheCinemaholic announced that Dr. Joseph “Joe” Sonnier’s darling Rachel Shetina (presently 57), dwells in Lubbock, Texas. She presently wishes to have a confidential existence away from the media’s consideration.

She even recorded a claim against Texas Monthly magazine in 2016 over an article that depicted the supposed circle of drama among her and the two specialists.

The previous halftime artist for the Kansas City Chiefs requested $2 million in punitive fees, the greatest total, as the article probably alluded to her as a “gold-digging, marriage-destroying divorced person.”

Purportedly, it likewise contained significantly more false data about her life, work, weddings, the relationship that followed, and her childhood.

She is presently bending over backward to manage her misfortune and continue on with her own personal business. The woman guaranteed on “20/20” that now she sees precisely exact thing happened and that she is more ready to adapt to it.

Who Killed Dr. Joseph Sonnier? Police had the most obvious opportunity with regards to settling the homicide for-recruit claim charging a circle of drama and a desirous beau when they got a call from the executioner’s flatmate.

At the point when David Shepard, the employed hired gunman, was captured, he guaranteed that neither he nor the specialist who conveyed the hit request expected to kill Sonnier.

However, it worked out that Shetina’s desirous ex, Dr. Thomas Michael Dixon, was liable for the activity. He was sentenced for the homicide of Joseph after more request.

Specialists asserted that Thomas Dixon was a fixated ex who enlisted Shepard to follow and accordingly murder Dr. Sonnier.

In the end, the contracted man recognized shooting and cutting Sonnier. He guaranteed that he took a vehicle to Dixon’s home to educate him regarding the occurrence.

On the declaration stand in the 2014 preliminary, the contract killer, Shepard, emphatically changed the story, attesting that the supposed ex was irrelevant to the situation.