What Happened To Illinois Model Sarah Washington? Death Mystery Explored In ID’s Murder In Heartland


An Illinois model Sarah Washington confronted an appalling passing in 2014, which made titles.

Starting around 2022, the most recent episode of “Homicide In Heartland” has advanced her terrible passing case among the TV watchers. Subsequently, her name has turned into a moving matter on the web as of late.


Remain together as we carry you with every one of the discoveries into her case here underneath.

What has been going on with Sarah Washington From Kankakee? Sarah Washington was from Kankakee, Illinois, and was living in a similar city at the hour of her demise.

She was a splendid youngster with a promising clinical vocation and expert displaying days to come. Unfortunately, she was shot to a ridiculous degree on a June evening when she should be at her work.

Her mom had observed her dead in her condo on June 26 after she had neglected to get calls and go to her work at a clinical focus.

The finish of a brilliant and rousing profession lady had stunned the entire city as Sarah was a star in her circle.

Executioner Rex Frank Had Sarah Washington Shot Her To Death Sarah Washington was found to have been shot to a ridiculous degree by an amazing named Rex Frank. Rex was Sarah’s beau’s companion.

Rex’s offenses were not found until he shot another man named Rian Maiden a couple of days after the fact. Rex’s subsequent casualty, Rian, was killed and denied of his ATM card, from which Rex had purchased gems for a lady he was dating.

Rian was additionally killed the same way as Sarah; two shots on the head, subsequently, presuming that Rex was a definitive executioner.

The police inferred that the insane Rex had been focusing on individuals to assume control over their cash and important things.

What Did Sarah Washington Boyfriend Greg Dismuke Say? Sarah Washington’s sweetheart, Greg Dismuke, was perhaps the earliest individual of interest in the homicide case.

Greg had helped out the police and said that the executioner Rex himself had educated him regarding Sarah’s homicide. Further cross examinations uncovered that Rex had asked Greg for cash and had even come by Sarah’s condo.

On the opposite side, Greg has a rough history of being fanatical over Sarah and sincerely manhandling her.

Greg has apparently continued on from the misfortune while Rex is as yet detained at Menard Correctional Center in Randolph County, Illinois.