What happened to Jacques Rougeau Jr.? Tributes pour in as Pennsylvania state trooper killed in shootout alongside suspect


Jacques Rougeau Jr., a 29-year-old State Officer was shot to death while he was ready for deployment in Juanita Province, Pennsylvania. Rougeau Jr. was trapped by Brandon Stine, a 38-year-old occupant of Thompsontown, as the last option was dodging the police.

The specialists eventually caught Stine after he was pursued through a local location and into a parking area. At the parking area, a shootout occurred among Stine and the police. At last, Stine was killed in the wake of being shot when he stalled out between a close by property and a few trees.


On June 17, 2023, Stine started discharging shots from a long rifle into marked vehicles of the Pennsylvania state police at Mifflintown. While being pursued by the police, he was at first found by State Officer Lt. James Wagner, who the previous fundamentally harmed in a shootout.

Stine then trapped Jacques Rougeau Jr., killing him after he shot the casualty through his vehicle’s windshield. The intention of the blamed remaining parts hazy.

Rougeau Jr. is the 104th individual from the Pennsylvania State Police Division to die in the line of obligation. He enrolled in the Pennsylvania State Police in 2020, and moved to Troop G of Lewistown, in Walk 2022.

Gov. Shapiro has requested that all District banners fly at half-staff to respect the penance of Jacques Rougeau Jr.

Lt. James Wagner, Jacques Rougeau Jr’s. individual officer, was fundamentally injured while pursuing Brandon Stine. Wagner found Stine and traded gunfire when a shot from the suspect’s firearm struck him and fundamentally harmed him. He was at first moved to Lewistown Emergency clinic and was then moved to Milton S. Hershey Clinical Center.

“We request your proceeded with supplications for our Officers as well as their families,” Colonel Christoper Paris said.