What happened to Jared Bridegan? Suspect arrested as Microsoft executive is killed in ambush


On February 16, 2022, Jared Bridegan, a Microsoft leader, was lethally shot on various occasions in Florida in what specialists portrayed as a designated assault.

Upon the arrival of the occurrence, Jared Bridegan, a dad of four, was purportedly heading to drop off the two twins that he had with his ex, Shanna Gardner-Fernandez, at her home close to Jacksonville Ocean side. Bridegan additionally had his two-year-old girl, whom he had with his ongoing spouse, Kirsten Bridegan, inside the vehicle.


Soon after the drop-off, as Bridegan continued to drive away with his baby girl, he found a deviant tire obstructing his way two miles from his ex’s home. At the point when Bridegan got out of the vehicle to make the way, he was shot a few times before his little girl situated at the secondary lounge of the vehicle.

Almost a year after the episode, on Wednesday, January 25, 2023, specialists reported that a suspect, distinguished as Henry Join, 61, was captured regarding his homicide, portrayed as a “designated snare.”

Henry Join was captured and accused in association of the homicide of Jared Bridegan, who was supposedly the survivor of an arranged and designated killing. While reporting the capture at a public interview, State Lawyer Melissa Nelson said that they accepted the suspect didn’t act alone. In any case, the state lawyer didn’t expound on the subtleties associated with their discoveries. Police are yet to make some other captures for the situation.

It is obscure in the event that Join was straightforwardly liable for shooting the casualty as the suspect was accused of connivance to carry out murder, second-degree murder with a weapon and embellishment sometime later to a capital crime. The suspect was additionally accused of youngster maltreatment as the casualty’s baby girl was available at the location of the crime, however she was safe.

Specialists, who still can’t seem to reveal the rationale behind the arranged assault, said that the capture testimony of the suspect has been fixed for thirty days as police keep on exploring the killing of the Microsoft leader.

In the interim, a likely connection among Join and Bridegan’s ex, Gardner-Fernandez, has surfaced. Specialists said that Join was purportedly residing at a home in Jacksonville that was claimed by Gardner Fernandez’s new spouse, at the hour of the homicide.

As indicated by various reports, Bridegan and his ex, who share guardianship of their two kids, had a contentious relationship following their separation.

Jared Bridegan’s significant other, Kirsten Bridegan, who imparts two youngsters to her departed spouse, depicted her better half as a mindful and cherishing father to ABC News last year.

“He cherished being a father. He truly did. He would go through hours setting up some movement that he thought would be magnificent.” At the hour of the occurrence, Kirsten let columnists know that she accepted her significant other was deliberately designated. Join is being held at the James I. Montgomery Restorative Center while police keep on examining the case.