What happened to Jason Salter and Kenny Guerra? Search for missing best friends intensifies


Two Fulton District men, Jason Salter and Kenny Guerra, were accounted for missing on February 26, 2023, a day after they were most recently seen by relatives.

Jason Salter and his closest companion/colleague Kenny Guerra, who run Rockstar Printing Shop on the Old Public Parkway, were most recently seen on February 25, 2023. Relatives of the pair revealed them missing after Salter neglected to get back to his 15-year-old child subsequent to meeting with Guerra.


The quest for the two missing men heightened for the current week after the two families begged the specialists to find the pair who disappeared almost seven days prior.

As per HPD’s report for someone who has gone missing, Jason Salter, a dad of four, vanished without a follow on February 25, 2023, subsequent to addressing his brother at 4.30 pm.

According to the report, Salter was booked to meet with his colleague Kenny Guerra, a dad of three, preceding the two of them evaporated. Specialists said that Salter’s vehicle was caught on observation camera along Campbellton Street, however there were no announced sightings of the missing couple, who neglected to get back that evening.

On Wednesday, Walk 1, 2023, the group of Jason Salter started sticking missing individual banners in and out of town, wanting to get some knowledge into the whereabouts of the missing individual.

Jason Salter’s cousin Dr. Eric Lee from Springfield Baptist Church addressed columnists and depicted the two missing men as cherishing fathers and dependable citizenry whose nonattendance has resonated all through the local area.

“Cherishing fathers, capable men, supporters of their local area and we don’t maintain that it should be lost the amount they are adored and how much their nonattendance has lamented this local area and these families.”
In the mean time, Guerra’s life partner Ty Monitoring talked with 11Alive and said that she believed specialists should accelerate their pursuit endeavors before the path goes cold.

“I believe they should treat it in a serious way. Also, I believe they should endlessly move rapidly on the grounds that we don’t have any idea where they are and we lack the opportunity to squander.”

Fox News revealed that the vehicle the two men were accepted to have been in before they vanished was found at an East Point mall. Relatives of the couple started campaigning the region this week, trusting it would deliver a couple of pieces of information about their whereabouts.

“Assist me with tracking down my child. Assist me with finding these young men. Assist me with tracking down my children. I can’t eat. I can’t rest. I really want my children home and I’m requesting that people in general if it’s not too much trouble, help us.”
As the quest for the two missing men proceeds, specialists have asked anybody with data working on this issue to report something similar toward the East Point Police Office.