What Happened To Jayne Valseca? While Husband Eduardo Came Back Safe, Wife Lost Life To Cancer

Waldorf School Founder and Eduardo’s better half Jayne was a resilient lady who valiantly dealt with her significant other’s seizing case. Nonetheless, as solid as she might have been outwardly, her body surrendered from within, as her fight with bosom malignant growth at last took her.

As per IMDB, Jayne is an essayist with credits on Stella (1990), We Have Your Husband (2011), and Dateline NBC (1992). After her significant other’s snatching in 2007, she upheld for seize casualties in Mexico.


What has been going on with Jayne Valseca? Eduardo Valseca Wife Had Stage 4 CancerJayne Valseca, the spouse of Eduardo Valesca, died of disease.

While she was managing her significant other’s hijacking in 2007, she had one more situation in her life. According to the 2020 report from NBC’s Carol Gable, her stage 4 fiery bosom malignant growth was disappearing.

Nonetheless, Jayne’s premonition about the ailment’s return towards the finish of her life partner’s imprisonment turned right. What’s more, only fourteen days after Eduardo’s delivery, she confronted the overwhelming news.

For quite a long time after the visualization of the fatal infection, she needed to quit any pretense of, losing her will to battle. Nonetheless, the help from her family pushed her along for quite some time.

Jayne went through depleting disease medicines. Only months before she passed, she purchased teddy bears that could record voice messages and play them.

She recorded an exceptional directive for every one of her three kids and left graduation cards.

In the end, on 3 May 2012, she died in Potomac, Maryland, matured 45. Subsequently, her companions coordinated the Jayne Rager store at the Waldorf School, which she had established on her farm for oppressed youngsters.

Jayne Valseca Kidnapped Husband Eduardo Came Back Safe, But Lost Her Life To IllnessHowever Jayne Valseca’s abducted spouse, Eduardo, made it alive, she turned into the person who confronted the miserable destiny, as she capitulated to the sickness.

The Valescas lived on a farm in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico when the episode happened. On 13 June 2007, the couple set off on a mission to drop their three children off at the Waldorf School.

And keeping in mind that coming back, equipped criminals strongly opened the couple’s vehicle. They then, at that point, blindfolded the two and moved them into another vehicle.

Regardless of being in some hot water, Jayne resisted the urge to panic as she attempted to take notes of where the vehicle turned and the length of their movement. The vehicle halted after some time, and the abductors moved Eduardo to another auto. They left her abandoned close to a thruway.

In any case, she had the option to remember the tag. Not long after getting back, she went to the police. The criminals initially requested ransoms worth $8 million, and with no such sum close by, the dealings went for more than a half year.

Ultimately, Jayne requested that two men drop an undisclosed measure of money at an area. Then, Eduardo got back securely the following day.

After the occurrence, the family moved to her old neighborhood in Mayland.

Concerning the culprits, specialists captured two Chilean ex-progressives, Raul Julio Escobar Poblete (in May 2017) and Ricardo Palma Salamanca (in February 2018).

Poblete is detained in Guanajuato, while the other is by all accounts in France. Allegedly, the French government denied removing him to Chile.

Where Could Eduardo And Jayne Valseca Children Now be? Jayne and Eduardo Valseca had three youngsters.

At Eduardo’s kidnapping, Fernando was twelve, Nayah seven, and Emiliano six. He got back the day after his most established youngster’s birthday.

Fernando is by all accounts living in Colorado. Besides, he is working at a sun oriented organization as a Crew Lead. Likewise, Nayah, an enthusiastic voyager, has all the earmarks of being exchanging among Maryland and Colorado.

The Valseca kids shared their piece of their dad’s extraordinary story on NBC Dateline. The episode named “The Ranch” on 27 May 2022 included it.