What Happened To Johanna Nordblad Legs? Netflix Documentary On Ice Diving World Record Holder

The account of Johanna Nordblad, who endeavors to break the world record for distance went underneath the ice in one breath is highlighted on Netflix.

The narrative, ‘Pause Your Breathing: The Ice Dive’ will be delivered solely on Netflix on May 3, 2022. The story depends on steadiness, intensity, and making it known.


Assuming truth is known, this narrative conveyed the inclination that it had left us pausing our breathing. We were shocked when we envisioned the jumper’s happiness in the frosty water.

Johanna Nordblad Was Involved In An Accident And Injured Herself on 2010 In 2010, the freediver Johanna Nordblad was associated with a horrendous physical issue that changed her life and set before her the way of Freediving underneath the ice.

She started as a customary free jumper, establishing the ladies’ worldwide best by swimming a level distance of 158m in 2004, in Cyprus. Nonetheless, after her mishap as a piece of her treatment plan, she got put resources into freediving under the ice.

As indicated by her meeting with The Guardian, she examined her involvement in a mishap. “I was riding a declining bicycle down a smooth, sloppy street down a slope when I started to slip,” she reviews.

“The fall wasn’t especially risky, yet I got unfortunate and arrived on a stone.” “Like a bowed branch, my left leg was broken into 1,000 pieces.” Nordblad was hurried to the clinic and had convoluted a medical procedure.

The enlarging and complex cracks were extreme to the point that doctors couldn’t join the leg back up and recuperate the injuries for an additional 10 days.

She was a visual planner by profession, and she decided to sell her Helsinki firm and express farewell to the 13 individuals who worked for her to zero in on recuperation. An agonizing and troublesome interaction that endured over year and a half and consumed every last bit of her assets.

She was in the end ready to stroll without a stick after one more year, however the nerves in her leg had been so genuinely harmed that the desolation was serious and enduring.

“That is the point at which my PCP recommended I attempt cold-water treatment,” Nordblad adds. “I scarcely figured out how to hold my leg in 4C water briefly the initial time, yet the help was quick.” It at last quit harming.”

Nordblad had become so accustomed to the cold throughout the long term that she was unable to live without it. She started lowering the subsequent leg, then, at that point, her whole body, lastly her head.

“I preferred how it felt.” That’s the point at which the thought of jumping underneath the ice came to me. What better area to try it out than Finland?”

What has been going on with Johanna Nordblad Leg? World Record In Ice Diving Johanna Nordblad’s leg was seriously harmed after her mishap in 2010. Notwithstanding, it didn’t prevent her from seeking after her fantasy rather set the worldwide best in 2015 with the expectation of complimentary plunging underneath the ice in a swimming outfit and without blades to a profundity of 103 meters.

The plunge endured 2 minutes and 42 seconds in water temperature of 2°C and air temperature of 7°C, as per Euros.

She expressed that she delighted in plunging on the grounds that you get to feel the water stream through your fingertips. “At the point when you’re at the base, there’s no leeway. You simply have yourself to depend on, she added.

“You should be both agreeable and in order simultaneously. Physical effort is expected for freediving, however mental discipline is substantially more indispensable. You should finish the jump without panicking or freaking out.”

She further referenced that from the start, she didn’t appreciate it. “The virus was horrendous. In any case, I bit by bit became acquainted with the sensation,” she said.

As Nordblad jumps into the brutal underground environment of the Arctic Ocean, she shows the abilities expected free of charge plunging under the ice. “There is no space for dread,” she proclaims.

“This isn’t the spot for alarm. There is no space for mistakes. You should have full oversight under the ice.”

Is Johanna Nordblad Married To Her Husband? Johanna Nordblad is hitched to her better half with a child. Nordblad lives on Lauttasaari Island close to Helsinki, Finland, with her child Kasper.

In any case, the freediver has kept her own data hidden from online entertainment. She likes to keep her own life hidden and let achievement make the clamor.

She was born in the long stretch of November 1975. She clearly began jumping as a little child and was therefore approached to have a go at freediving in the year 2000.

She started freediving in 1999, following quite a while of scuba jumping. She began contending in big showdown contests, where jumpers contended in a few classes to see who could plunge the most profound or stay submerged the longest without utilizing any breathing stuff.

Nordblad has practical experience in unique freediving with blades, which requires swimming as on a level plane submerged as conceivable on a solitary breath.

She laid out the ladies’ reality record in 2004 in Cyprus by swimming a level distance of 158 meters, and she has been one of the world’s best freedivers from that point onward.