What Happened To Justin Turner? Who is Justin Turner?

The account dives into the tragic occasions encompassing the 1989 revelation of 5-year-old Justin Turner’s dead body, uncovering the resulting lawful turns of events and the new captures of his folks on murder allegations.

What has been going on with Justin Turner?

On Walk 5, 1989, the dormant collection of 5-year-old Justin Turner was found inside a bureau in his family’s camper. Justin had been accounted for missing two days earlier by his dad, Victor Lee Turner, and stepmother, Megan R. Turner. The unfortunate episode unfurled close to their home in Cross Slope, South Carolina.


After north of thirty years since the revelation, specialists made a huge leap forward for the situation. On January 10, 2024, Victor Lee Turner and Megan R. Turner were secured at their home and accused of the homicide of Justin Turner. The Berkeley Province Sheriff’s Office, liable for the captures, unveiled that the couple stayed in care at the Slope Finklea Confinement Center.

The reason for Justin Turner’s not entirely settled to be strangulation. The CBS News report demonstrated that a ligature, accepted to be the deadly weapon, was found at the couple’s home. Measurable investigation uncovered that the ligature matched the marks on Justin’s body, and the strands on it were predictable with the material of his shirt neckline.

The examination uncovered upsetting subtleties. Specialists estimated that Justin’s body had been concealed inside the camper for a short period following his demise. Witnesses went against the guardians’ cases about Justin’s whereabouts, with the 5-year-old marked missing from school on the day he supposedly disappeared.

Megan Turner gave conflicting data to examiners, remembering deception about her exercises for the morning of Walk 3, 1989. She guaranteed not to have seen Justin leave for school, refering to a shower as the justification behind her nonattendance during his takeoff.

The capture warrants for both Victor and Megan Turner featured irregularities in their way of behaving, outstandingly Victor’s personal presentation on TV when his child’s departed body was found during a 1989 news broadcast.

The forward leap for the situation came after the Berkeley Area Sheriff’s Office’s Virus Case Unit reconsidered Justin’s case in April 2021, investigating new data or innovation. The unit checked on the virus case document, rethinking actual proof from the crime location and the post-mortem. The case was then submitted to criminological pathologists and the SLED lab for investigation.

Sheriff Duane Lewis accentuated the devotion of analysts in carrying equity to Justin Turner and offered thanks to teaming up organizations and examiners engaged with the case throughout the long term. The captures of Victor and Megan Turner marked a critical stage towards settling the disastrous and well established secret encompassing Justin Turner’s demise.

Justin Turner’s Initial Life

Justin Turner was a young man who lived with his folks, Victor Lee Turner and Megan R. Turner. He was just 5 years of age. In Walk 1989, something exceptionally miserable occurred. Justin’s folks said he disappeared, and individuals looked for him. Be that as it may, later, his father thought that he is in their camper.

Justin had died, and the explanation was strangulation. It’s an exceptionally miserable story, and after numerous years, in 2024, Justin’s folks were arrested, and blamed for being engaged with his demise. The police are striving to figure out what truly befell Justin Turner when he was only a bit of kid.

Who is Justin Turner?

Justin Turner was a 5-year-old kid whose life was unfortunately stopped on Walk 5, 1989. His story acquired recharged consideration and importance when, over thirty years after the fact, his folks, Victor Lee Turner and Megan R. Turner, were secured and accused of his homicide on January 10, 2024.

Upon the arrival of his vanishing, Walk 3, 1989, Justin’s folks detailed him missing, provoking a broad pursuit by both the local area and policing. The family’s little camper, stopped close to their home in Cross Slope, South Carolina, turned into a point of convergence in the examination.

What has been going on with Justin Turner: FAQs

1. What has been going on with Justin Turner?
Justin Turner, a 5-year-old kid, was unfortunately seen as dead in his family’s camper in 1989, and his folks were as of late arrested regarding his homicide in 2024.

2. Who is Justin Turner?
Justin Turner was a small kid whose life was stopped. His story acquired consideration when his folks, Victor Lee Turner and Megan R. Turner, were accused of his homicide.

3. How did Justin Turner die?
Justin Turner’s reason for death was strangulation, as uncovered by measurable investigation. A ligature found at the family’s home was distinguished as a potential deadly weapon.

4. For what reason were Justin Turner’s folks arrested?
Victor Lee Turner and Megan R. Turner were arrested in 2024 and accused of homicide in association with Justin Turner’s passing, following a re-assessment of the virus case by specialists.

5. When did the examination concerning Justin Turner’s case take a huge turn?
In January 2024, north of thirty years after Justin Turner’s demise, his folks were secured after the Berkeley Province Sheriff’s Office’s Virus Case Unit reconsidered the case, prompting new captures and charges.