What happened to Karen Barnes? Ex-boyfriend charged as former public relations exec is found dead in Brooklyn apartment

60-year-old Karen Barnes was pounded into the ground in her Kensington condo on Wednesday. Police showed up at the scene to do a health check and found Karen lying on the floor. She was articulated dead at the scene.

Police have not yet found whether any weapon was utilized to pound the life out of the 60-year-old. The suspect has been distinguished as Karen’s 62-year-old ex Noel Hogan. Karen Barnes’ ex-playmate has to deal with penalties of criminally careless murder and homicide.

Police found that Barnes abandoned two girls and a granddaughter. The family was in outrageous shock in the wake of catching wind of the lamentable downfall of Karen Barnes. The New York Day to day News detailed that Barnes and Hogan had an on-and-off relationship.

On Wednesday, at around 8 pm, the NYPD showed up at a loft on East Fifth Road close to Ditmas Road in Kensington to do a wellbeing check. On appearance, they made a frightful disclosure when they found the inert group of 60-year-old Karen Barnes lying on the kitchen floor.

Hogan purportedly called a companion at around 7.55 pm on Wednesday to report Karen’s dead body. The companion later alarmed the police in regards to Karen’s demise. At the point when authorities showed up at the Kensington home, Hogan wouldn’t open the entryway. Officials some way or another figured out how to get in and tracked down that the suspect had blockaded himself in the back room of the condo.

A neighbor referenced that the two were contending the night Karen died. She likewise heard Karen crying that very day. She added: NYPD officials affirmed that they found Karen’s body close to the kitchen and that she was shrouded in a cover. They at first tracked down no potential indications of injury. Police authorities made one more revelation when they found a blade twisted on Hogan’s chest. It is, in any case, muddled how he supported the injury. He was promptly hurried to Maimonides Clinic.

An examination was directed on Karen Barnes to track down the reason for her demise. The report uncovered that Barnes was pounded into the ground and that she had supported gruff power injury also. No indications of battle have been found at this point. Police referenced that they were called to the loft before the occurrence occurred, as the couple had been contending.

According to Everyday News, a neighbor tended to the contentions and battles, and referenced:

“I could hear pounding, yet it seemed like somebody was tossing stuff. [I was] jumpy in light of the fact that I don’t believe a gunfire should get through the wall or something to that effect.”
Another neighbor depicted Karen Barnes as “an extremely decent lady.” Karen was probably a cheerful individual. Mike Monroe, Karen’s ex addressed the New York Everyday News about the lamentable episode and said:

“What a horrendous method for dieing! We will require a great deal of help as a family to process.”
Mike further expressed that Karen Barnes was an advertising chief. She used to run the organization in San Francisco. The 60-year-old likewise probably ran long distance races and completed around 50 of them. Monroe said:

“She was an exceptionally savvy individual, extremely humane individual, she was exceptionally inventive, she had a feeling of plan. The entire situation is super miserable and inconceivable. It’s an enormous blow.”
A higher up neighbor named Gilberto Sosa (63) referenced that he heard nothing dubious when the deadly attack supposedly occurred. Sosa talked about Karen Barnes and according to Everyday News, said:

“She’s delicate. Perhaps one single punch wrecked her and he hit her. Perhaps that is the reason I heard no clamor. The person is tall. She’s not a tall young lady.”
Sosa further referenced that the 60-year-old had moved into the Brooklyn home around five to a long time back. The neighbor likewise said that Hogan used to come all the more habitually some time ago, yet of late, he didn’t visit as frequently. After being gotten some information about the team’s relationship, Gilberto Sosa referenced:

“They were in every case together when they’d go to the ocean side. They appeared to be a typical couple. I saw them when they would stroll in together… She’d say ‘good day’ consistently. He generally expressed hey to me.”
Police have governed Karen’s demise as a crime. They couldn’t uncover what unfolded among Hogan and Karen that lead up to the last’s awful passing. As referenced before, Hogan presently has to deal with penalties of murder and criminally careless manslaughter.

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