What happened to Khudhair Hamdan? Texas teens arrested in the fatal shooting of 55-year-old man selling used car


Last month, 55-year-old Khudhair Hamdan was lethally shot while aiding an overall sell a vehicle through virtual entertainment. Preceding the episode, two Texas teenagers showed up at Hamdan’s home for a test drive the evening of Walk 21. According to the police, reconnaissance film and observe articulations demonstrate that the casualty got into the vehicle with the young people.

Subsequent to leading a careful examination, murder investigators distinguished the suspects as 18-year-old Luis Gutierrez and 19-year-old Cristian Saucedo, Arlington police detailed.


Both Gutierrez and Saucedo have been accused of capital homicide in the shooting passing of Khudhair Hamdan.

“Mr. Hamdan was essentially attempting to help an overall sell a vehicle – and presently his family’s whole world has been flipped around. Rough wrongdoers like these, who will kill a person for a vehicle they deserted a couple of moments later, have no put on our roads.”
Khudhair Hamdan was tracked down lethargic in the 700 block of Port Richmond Way, Arlington. He was taken to a medical clinic where he was articulated dead.

On Tuesday, Walk 21, Khudhair Hamdan consented to go for a test drive with a likely purchaser to assist with selling his overall’s purple Evade Charger. Hamdan had recently posted a promotion for the vehicle via virtual entertainment and found Gutirrez and Saucedo, asserted purchasers who communicated interest in it.

As indicated by examiners, during the test drive, one of the suspects took out a firearm and fired Khudhair Hamdan while driving along Port Richmond Way. The casualty escaped the vehicle and imploded.

The two Texas teenagers then, at that point, kept on driving for under a mile, prior to dumping the vehicle behind a retail plaza at the convergence of Matlock and Sublett streets. Right now, the two suspects were seen leaving the vehicle, according to observation film.
When the suspects were recognized, police got warrants for their captures based on capital homicide accusation.

On April 7, individuals from the U.S. Marshals North Texas Outlaw Team found Saucedo, at his home in Dallas and captured him without episode. He was set up for the Arlington City Prison and has since been moved to the Tarrant Area Prison, Arlington police revealed.

In the mean time, officials expressed that Gutierrez, who was at that point in care for an irrelevant case in Dallas, was held up in the Dallas Province Prison. Saucedo is being hung on a $500,000 bond, while Gutierrez is being hung on an all out obligation of $2,110,000 for the two cases he’s been accused of, Arlington PD revealed.

“The Arlington Police Division unequivocally energizes local area individuals who are purchasing/selling things by means of computerized marketplaces – – especially on the off chance that they don’t have the foggiest idea about individuals they are buying from/offering to – – to make the trades in the assigned safe zones at every one of our four watch stations.”

A report by NBC 5 expressed that as per Khudhair Hamdan’s child, a man by the name “Armando Gutierrez” reached them by means of Facebook to see the vehicle. Hamdan concurred and afterward requested that the supposed purchaser get in touch with him once he showed up at the home. His child asserts the purchaser and his dad even traded numbers.

According to Texas regulation, grown-ups sentenced for capital homicide face either life in jail without any chance to appeal or capital punishment.