What Happened To Kidnapping Survivor Eduardo Garcia Valseca? Dateline Explores The Whole Story

NBC’s Dateline introduced an episode “The Ranch” portraying Eduardo Garcia Valseca’s story.

A child of a paper head honcho, the dedicated man, succumbed to capturing and brutal next seven months during his bondage. He was shot two times, beaten everyday, and bound to a case around then.


Yet again eduardo endure a day to day existence that he had never envisioned, and general society is charmed to know his whereabouts.

What has been going on with Eduardo Garcia Valseca? Eduardo Garcia Valseca was captured one fine morning within the sight of his better half, Jayne.

In the mid year of 2007, the Valseca couple was getting back to their home subsequent to dropping off their children at school. Yet, they were gone after by outfitted individuals, and Eduardo was grabbed while Jayne was abandoned with guidelines to adhere to.

The hijackers requested an incredible payoff of $8 million, considering that Eduardo’s dad ran a cross country news press in Mexico.

Notwithstanding, the couple had scarcely any cash to pay for the payoff; in this manner, after much correspondence and persistence for the following seven months, Eduardo was delivered on a $1 million payoff.

Despite the fact that he rejoined with his family once more, the sad man felt he would die during his bondage confronting gigantic tormenting and beatings.

Besides, Eduardo was shot two times, once in his leg and later in his arm, to compromise his better half back home.

What Is Eduardo Garcia Valseca Status Today And Where Is He Now? Eduardo Garcia Valseca left for the U.S. after the abhorrent days. He and his group of five originally inhabited his mother by marriage’s home in D.C.

Starting today, the Mexican Valseca family is as yet living in the U.S. while Eduardo investigates his outfit up youngsters.

Dateline basically centered around Eduardo’s kidnaping and the arranged deal fight between the ruffians and Jayne.

In like manner, the survivor has kept a position of safety for a long time and is watching out for his loved ones.

Meet Eduardo Garcia Valseca’s Wife Jayne Eduardo Garcia Valseca was upheld by his strong spouse Jayne all through the brutal days.

All the family and people in general broadly value her knowledge and certainty during the hijacking. Jayne Rager was an American entertainer hailing from Washington, and the two got hitched in 1994 in Maryland.

The couple initially met in 1992 and dated for two additional prior years tying the wedding tie.

The very much fledged couple had gotten comfortable San Miguel de Allende and began a family. The couple upheld their cheerful lives with profit from land and a Waldorf School that they had begun.

Unfortunately, Jayne left the world on May 3, 2012, subsequent to engaging bosom disease. She was 45 years of age and had died at her home in Potomac.

The late Jayne was a devoted backer for the families and survivors of the hijacking for emancipate racket.

Her demise news stunned the local area, and she was regarded with the Jayne Rager Fund at the Waldorf School in Washington, DC.

Eduardo Garcia Valseca Wikipedia Bio Eduardo Garcia Valseca was born as one of the nine offspring of Jose Garcia Valseca, a Mexican paper tycoon.

He was a fruitful workmanship vendor and realtor when he initially met his better half in 1992 in the old Sutton Place Gourmet parking garage in Bethesda.

Regardless of the age hole of 18 years, the two got along and lived cheerfully on a 1,000-section of land desert farm close to San Miguel de Allende in focal Mexico with their kids.

After the abducting, Eduardo and his better half turned out to be vigorously associated with mindfulness programs through media appearances and book distributing.

Jayne distributed “We Have Your Husband” with Mark Ebner in 2011. The book was transformed into a Lifetime TV film featuring Teri Polo and Esai Morales.

Tragically, after the passing of his significant other, Eduardo has settled on a daily existence away from the spotlight.