What happened to Laura Ilg? Investigation underway as pregnant woman fatally shot by 2-year-old son in Norwalk Ohio


Specialists are examining the shooting demise of Laura Ilg, an eight months pregnant mother, who was lethally shot by her 2-year-old child Liam in a Norwalk, Ohio, home.

The little child was supposedly playing with a firearm he purportedly found on his folks’ end table on June 16, 2023, when he incidentally terminated and killed his 31-year-old pregnant mother, Laura Ilg.


Specialists said that Laura was raced to Fisher-Titus Clinical Center, where specialists played out a crisis c-area, nonetheless, the child and the mother didn’t endure the injury supported by the discharge wound.

Specialists uncovered that answering officials found two additional guns, a stacked 12-check shotgun in the couple’s room wardrobe and an airsoft rifle from a PC room storeroom while looking through the casualty’s home.

As specialists keep on examining the case, they said that the baby was remaining with his dad. Specialists specifying the episode said that last week police answered an emergency call from the casualty Laura Ilg who told dispatchers she had been shot in the back by her baby Liam inside their Norwalk Ohio home.

Not long after, police supposedly got a call from the casualty’s significant other, 28-year-old Alek Ilg, who was working at that point. Alek let dispatchers know that his significant other had referred to him at function as “shouting something about his child” and requested that he call the police.

Upon appearance, police tracked down the 33 weeks pregnant casualty with the baby in the couple’s room alongside a stacked weapon. Laura, who was completely cognizant let the officials know that her child had accessed the weapon which had a place with her better half from their end table.

The casualty uncovered that the weapon was constantly kept on the end table in the locked room and the house was babyproofed to keep the two-year-old from getting to the weapon.

Laura made sense of for the police that while she was in the pantry, the little child had some way or another figured out how to get his hands on the weapon. The person in question, who supposedly found her child playing with the weapon, was unintentionally shot after the baby pulled the trigger.

In a Facebook post, Laura Ilg’s better half, Alek, startled over his misfortune honored his departed spouse and kid. He said:

“On the off chance that you haven’t heard, Laura and our unborn child Talisen died Friday. There are no words for the aggravation and misfortune I feel. She was, is, and will continuously be, my first love.”

Alek’s auntie Libbie Ilg Tenaglia likewise presented a contacting recognition on the people in question. She said:

“This is my attractive, and really cherishing nephew Alek Ilg and his wonderful spouse, Laura Ilg. Laura and their second, unborn youngster, Talisen, died abruptly. It’s an unfortunate misfortune for everybody. Particularly their firstborn sweet kid Liam.”
She added:

“He is a delightful gift to this world and we will be everlastingly thankful he is with us. Kindly petition God for this little family that went from very nearly 4 to 2 quickly. My heart is so stunned and miserable. God favor you Alek and Liam.”