What Happened To Levi and Lainey? “Light For Levi” Story Of 2-Year-old Twins


What has been going on with Levi and Lainey? According to the reports, Levi and Lainey were almost suffocated in an indoor pool in Washington Township last year.

Lainey made due subsequent to being moved to the close by clinic, however her brother is as yet experiencing serious mind injury. Levi’s MRI result came out awful.


The family began a charity to help different guardians with kids in comparative situations. They even hold a golf sell off at Eagle Creek Golf Club to raise reserves.

Twins’ mom, Meagan, expressed that she and her family will always be unable to perceive or compensate the local area for its assistance precisely, however that “they have transformed us until the end of time.”

What has been going on with Levi and Lainey? Levi and Lainey almost died in the wake of suffocating in an indoor pool mishap in Washington Township last year.

The twins are found oblivious close to a pool at a house in Indianapolis where the family had been visiting.

Lainey made due in the wake of being brought to the clinic, yet her brother Levi is as yet experiencing extreme mind injury.

Conversing with the media entrances, Meagan said, ” Levi’s MRI result came out awful. We won’t surrender our confidence or trust.”

Levi and Lainey’s family have begun a pledge drive to share Levi’s Light and furnish government help to others with youngsters in a comparable scene.

Find out About “Light For Levi” Story The hashtag “Light for Levi” is standing out as truly newsworthy after Levi earned overall consideration and supplications because of the bringing down occurrence.

Countless individuals overall came asking and spreading Levi’s story online not long after the misfortune.

The hashtag #LightForLevi has now turned into a development. Making individuals mindful of cerebrum wounds and elective prescriptions and supporting penniless families.

Levi’s folks have begun a Facebook page, “Light for Levi and Lainey,” where they keep on featuring their excursion’s potential gains and disadvantages.

Levi had a serious mind injury after he was safeguarded from the pool. The family depends on out-of-state useful nervous system science, undifferentiated cell, and laser medicines.

Where Are Levi and Lainey’s Parents and Families Today? Levi and Lainey are born to adoring and strong guardians, Meagan Chisholm and Scott Chisholm.

Scott was learning sedation preparing close by his companions. The episode happened during their visit to one of his companion’s homes.

Meagan and Scott are presently living in Zionsville and sitting tight for the rapid recuperation of Levi Chisolm, who almost died due to suffocating.