What Happened To Liese Dodd? Deundrea Holloway Decapitated Her


Liesa Dodd, a pregnant lady, was killed by her 22-year-old ex, Deundrea Holloway in Alton, Illinois, last week whose body was tracked down by her mom.

Alton police said officials came to the 3400 block of Bolivar Street not long before 1 p.m. on Thursday, June 9, and found 22-year-old Liese A. Dodd dead in her home.


Dodd’s mom went to mind her since she hadn’t heard from her in that frame of mind, as per examiners. The mother showed up to track down her girl dead and reached the police.

Alton police started searching for Holloway as the examination advanced. While examining a burglary, the Gillespie Police Department confined him later Thursday evening.

What has been going on with Liese Dodd? Deundrea Holloway Decapitated Her Liese Dodd, 22, was found guillotined in her home a week ago. She was killed by a 22-year-old ex, Deundrea Holloway, who the Alton police boss, Pulido, called a “savage beast.”

She was anticipating a child in July. Holloway and Dodd had been dating for approximately two years, here and there. Dodd had recently migrated to Alton.

“This girl, this mother-to-be, and her family were amidst setting up a child shower for the finish of June, yet presently the family is arranging a burial service in light of what a beast did,” Pulido made sense of.

Deundrea Holloway Charges Explained Deundrea S. Holloway, of Litchfield, got accused of two charges of first-degree murder, two counts of deliberate manslaughter of an unborn kid, and eviscerating a human body by the Madison County State’s Attorney’s Office.

He was likewise accused of hostile engine vehicle associations and covering of a maniacal passing. As indicated by a news proclamation from the Alton Police Department, Holloway’s bond was set at $2 million and he is being held at the Alton Police Department.  Holloway isn’t addressed by a lawyer as per online court records.

Liese Dodd’s Parents, Family And Tribute Liese Dodd had a mother who sadly needed to observe her girl’s dead body. There isn’t a lot of data about Liese’s family on the web,

Since she hadn’t heard from her since Thursday, her mom went to Dodd’s home in the 3400 block of Bolivar Street to keep an eye on her and “found her in a circumstance you can’t picture.”

Specialists have been in “ceaseless touch” with Dodd’s family, as per Pulido, and he has asked that the public abstain from moving toward them.

The boss mentioned general society to supplicate and contemplate all aggressive behavior at home casualties, all manslaughter casualties, and Dodd and her loved ones.