What Happened To Luciana Nervo? Leonardo Del Vecchio First Wife Died

Leonardo Del Vecchio was hitched multiple times in his day to day existence. His most memorable wife was Luciana Nervo, and he wedded his subsequent companion, Nicoletta Zampillo, two times!

Italian financial specialist and organizer behind Luxottica, Leonardo Del Vecchio, has as of late died. His flight was affirmed by a nearby Italian paper called Corriere della Sera.


Vecchio is viewed as an instrumental individual in the design business. Luxottica is the biggest producer and vender of shades on the planet, with parts of brands like Ray-Ban and Oakley.

What has been going on with Luciana Nervo? Leonardo Del Vecchio First Moglie Luciana Nervo got isolated from the late Leonardo Del Vecchio during the mid 1990s.

Luciana Nervo was the primary Moglie (transalted as spouse) of Leoardo Del Vecchio. However she stays less popular contrasted with Vecchio’s second and third spouse, insiders perceive Nervo as a venturing stone for the financial specialist’s vocation.

The previous couple secured the bunch some place during the 1950s. Vecchio and Luciana Nervo even had three youngsters together. Be that as it may, something didn’t click between the two, and they got formally separated during the 1990s.

After her separation, Nervo evaporated like slim air. She shared no spotlight or keep up as a well known persona.

Luciana Nervo has not approached since the demise of Vecchio, who died at the estimated time of arrival (age) of 87 years of age. Regardless, individuals are hoping to see her at Leonardo’s memorial service.

Luciana Nervo and Leonardo Familia Together During their Union, Luciana Nervo and Leonardo Del Vecchio added three kids to their familia. Each of them three took their dad’s last name.

The ex-couple brought forth their most memorable kid on Feb 26, 1957. He was named Claudio Del Vecchio. Soon after a year, the second offspring of the family, named Marisa Del Vecchio, appeared on the scene.

Nonetheless, they trusted that almost three years will bring forth their third kid. In 1961, their most youthful little girl, Paula Del Vecchio, was born.

Today, their oldest child Claudio is continuing in similar strides as his father. He is a finance manager and CEO of the Brooks Brothers Group. He is hitched and furthermore has three youngsters with his significant other, Laura.

Other than Claudio, even Marisa and Paula are business people with 16.38% offers each in the Luxottica bunch. What Is Luciana Nervo’s Net Worth? Luciana Nervo’s ex leaves a total assets of roughly $24 billion USD. Vecchio and his family are quite possibly of the most extravagant individual on the planet, with names on Forbes’ extremely rich person list.

Then again, Luciana is cryptic about her own business. In any case, we truly do realize that she got a strong total after her partition from Vecchio.

The just accessible biografia about Luciana Nervo is inside the scarcely discernible differences of Vecchio’s Wiki bio. Aside from this, she stays held.

We couldn’t say whether she got hitched after her separation, like Vecchio. She could have continued on with another family and begun new. In any case, the family could be together back to honor the money manager.

We send our considerations and supplications to everybody, including Nervo, who has been impacted by Leonardo’s demise. May his spirit find happiness in the hereafter.