What happened to Manuela Rodriguez? Family of teen awarded $13M in fatal shooting involving school resource officer


The group of 18-year-old Manuela Rodriguez, who was lethally shot in 2021, has been granted $13 million. The terrible episode occurred in September 2021 when Rodriguez got into an actual fight with another youngster. Soon after that, she was shot in the head by a school wellbeing official. Manuela Rodriguez supposedly spent something like seven days in a coma prior to surrendering to her wounds.

At the point when Rodriguez died, she had a child who was then five months old. The school region was in discussions with the casualty’s family to come to a settlement. Michael Carrillo, the family’s lawyer, affirmed to CNN that the casualty’s family doesn’t anticipate any “affirmation of obligation” from the school area.


The Millikan Secondary School security official, distinguished as Eddie Gonzalez, was accused of homicide, yet he argued not liable to the charges. It was additionally affirmed that Eddie’s most memorable court appearance has been planned for June 7, 2023.

A terrible episode occurred on September 27, 2021, when a 18-year-old teen named Manuela Rodriguez was shot in the head close to Millikan Secondary School in Lengthy Ocean side, California. At around 3:15 pm of the sam day, Manuela was associated with an actual squabble with an additional 15-year-old youngster. School wellbeing official Gonzalez attempted to mediate and diffuse the battle.

In the interim, Manuela took a stab at escaping the region and got into a vehicle that her sweetheart, Rafuel Chowdhury (then 20 years of age), was driving. The 18-year-old was in the front seat of the vehicle when it pulled away. Observer video caught Eddie Gonzalez starting to shoot at the vehicle, and soon a projectile struck Manuela Rodriguez in the head. She was hurried to the emergency clinic and was in a coma for close to eight days. In October, Rodriguez surrendered to her wounds and was articulated dead.

During the awful shooting, aside from Manuela, Rafuela and his then 16-year-old brother were additionally present in the vehicle. Be that as it may, not even one of them had any guns on them when Eddie started shooting at their vehicle. A resigned LA District sheriff’s leader, Charles “Sid” Mend, said:

“The vehicle obviously was not a weapon, as it was creating some distance from him when he discharged.” Seth Stoughton, a regulation teacher at the College of South Carolina, expressed: “The vehicle isn’t a danger, so there is no support for the show of violence here.” In 2021, Head prosecutor George Gascón remarked that:

After a year, Manuela Rodriguez’s family recorded an unjust demise claim against the Long Ocean side Brought together School Locale. As indicated by the claim, there was carelessness on the school area’s part and it was guaranteed that the school locale utilized Eddie Gonzalez, yet neglected to prepare him well. Manuela Rodriguez’s brother Omar expressed:

“I for one couldn’t care less about the settlement. It’s not bringing my sister back. I don’t need any other person to go through this agony.”
The family’s lawyers have declared that the school region will pay $13 million to settle the claim that the family documented. The lawyer further referenced that when Gonzalez took shots at the vehicle, it was at that point leaving. Thus, the security official wasn’t in harm’s way. Lawyer Luis Carrillo said:

Be that as it may, a representative for the Long Ocean side Bound together School Region is yet to affirm the $13 million settlement. Chris Eftychious announced: “The school locale and its protection transporters have been in exchanges on a settlement, but since we have not seen or endorsed an understanding, we can’t examine the subtleties.” He proceeded:

“Settlements like these incorporate language that there is no affirmation of risk on the locale’s part. Nonetheless, we again share our sincerest sympathies with every individual who was affected by this horrible occasion.”
On Wednesday, Carrillo addressed Regulation and Wrongdoing, expressing:

Specialists further uncovered that Eddie Gonzalez at present faces charges of homicide. In any case, he keeps up with his guiltlessness. Not long after the occurrence in 2021, Eddie was terminated by the school locale and was captured regarding the heartbreaking shooting. He purportedly abused the “utilization of-force” strategy of the locale. In December 2021, Manuela Rodriguez’s mom sued Eddie charging improper demise, exorbitant power, carelessness, and social equality infringement.

In a question and answer session, Manuela’s mum said that she “lost her closest companion” when she died. She additionally expressed that Rodriguez’s two-year-old child needs to grow up without his mom.