What Happened To Mary Jo Buttafuoco And Where Is She Today? Dark Side Of The 90s Explores Her Story

Mary Jo Buttafuoco is an American creator and inspirational orator. She is known for her True wrongdoing classification book Getting It Through My Thick Skull.

Buttafuoco was shot and seriously injured in front of her during the 90s by an assault casualty. Her life has changed radically since the risky episode.


The notorious story of Buttafuoco is canvassed in the Vice TV narrative The Dark Side of the ’90s. The show’s subsequent season will debut on June 14, 2022.

Where Could Mary Jo Buttafuoco Today be? Joey Buttafuoco Ex Wife Now Mary Jo Buttafuoco right now dwells in the San Fernando Valley in the space of Los Angeles. She has been living there for right around 26 years now.

Subsequent to having chance in front of her, Buttafuoco had gone through face maintenance medical procedure in the year 2006. She went through face suspension, facelift, and eye lift methods to get her face back. Luckily, it had assisted her with reestablishing her grin and elements back.

The following method, she went through was for her ears to reestablish her hearing and forestall contaminations. Notwithstanding numerous medicines, Buttafuoco is as yet incapacitated on one side of her face. She is likewise hard of hearing in one ear.

In a select meeting with the everyday mail last month, Buttafuoco said: “I don’t need a ”unfortunate me” story.”.

“I’m content, I’m blissful, I’m extremely thankful. This is the most tranquil a great time, however it’s been a well deserved harmony.”

Who Is Mary Jo Buttafuoco? Buttafuoco is an overcomer of a shot to her face. She was born on May 15, 1955, and is as of now 67 years old.

The young woman had hitched Joey Buttafuoco, a Long Island-based auto body retailer, in the year 1977. They split in the year 2003.

Sixteen years in the wake of experiencing a merciless episode, she distributed her book; Getting It Through My Thick Skull: Why I Stayed, What I Learned, and What Millions of People Involved with Sociopaths Need to Know.

Likewise, she has utilized her story to bring issues to light about facial wounds.

Other than being an inspiration, Buttafuoco is likewise a mother to two developed kids: Paul Buttafuoco and Jessica Buttafuoco. She was hitched for the second opportunity to Stu Tendler, who died in the year 2018 experiencing malignant growth.

Clouded Side Of The 90s: Mary Jo Buttafuoco Got Shot In Face By Amy Fisher Buttafuoco was shot to her face by Amy Fisher, a young person who was assaulted by Mary’s better half Joey Buttafuoco.

Harking back to the ’90s, Amy was known as “the Long Island Lolita”. She was a grown-up entertainer and model who was in a physical relationship with Joey.

In 1992, Fisher had shot Mary Jo right in front of her utilizing a .25-type handgun. It was perceived that Fisher was very envious of Jeff’s significant other.

When May Jo had addressed the entryway, Fisher told her that Joey was having illicit relationship with her fanciful sister. Hearing this, Butttafuoco blew up.

In any case, it was Fisher who took out her firearm and fired it two times in front of Buttafuoco. After which, Buttafuoco was taken to the crisis.

Luckily, the spouse of Joey Buttafuoco had the option to make due while Fisher was accused of endeavored murder. Amy Fisher confessed to first-degree exasperated attack and she served seven years in jail.

In 1993, she had recorded an assault body of evidence against Joey and after which he conceded. Buttafuoco then, at that point, served four months in jail.

Facing everyday life after jail, Amy Fisher started another excursion as a feature writer for the Long Island Press. Essentially, Mary Jo likewise began her profession as an essayist and persuasive orator.