What Happened To Memphis DJ Bobby Ojay? Passing Of The Legendary Voice Of Memphis Has Fans Heartbroken

Memphis’ radio broadcast WDIA DJ Bobby O’Jay died on Tuesday morning at 68.

The Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame has enlisted an extraordinary Memphis radio character. Bobby O’Jay of WDIA illuminated our own Amy Speropoulos that he seldom does meets however picked to talk with one journalist about this significant honor.


Memphis DJ Bobby Ojay Died At The Age Of 68 – Death Cause Revealed Bev Johnson, a radio character, confirmed to WREG that O’Jay died while at work. The radio broadcast was basically playing music when O’Jay opened the telephone line at 9 a.m. Right now, the reason for his demise is obscure.

Devin Steel, a K-97 DJ and iHeartMedia senior VP of programming, accepts the entombment arrangements are private. He communicated his distress at learning of her demise.

His fans appear to be very awful, and they have shown their bitterness through virtual entertainment.

Bobby Ojay New Wife Is Sharon – Everything To Know About Their Family The anchor person Bobby Ojay has discussed his significant other, Sharon, on the radio at WDIA. There has been no eulogy distributed. At the point when reached for the current week, some neighborhood memorial service houses expressed they couldn’t offer types of assistance.

Sharon, as indicated by O’Jay, consistently gives him sound guidance.

Bobby and his better half were indivisible. She was the other portion of his character. Steel remarked that every individual who was companions or colleagues knew the amount they intended to one another.

It’s a test. To him and WDIA audience members, her viewpoint was valuable. Individuals felt as though she was a piece of the radio broadcast, and they had the potential chance to get to know her.

The captivating thing about their relationship was that she would talk according to a lady’s point of view when she was on the radio with Bobby radio. In any case, they had an extremely private individual life that many individuals regarded and admired, Steel said.

The passing of Bobby O’Jay’s better half, a veteran Memphis radio character, has incited an overflow of melancholy via online entertainment.

There were not many information concerning her passing, for example, when she died, the reason for death, and memorial service courses of action, open.

How Old Is Bobby Ojay? Bobby Ojay was born in Batesville, Mississippi, in 1953; in this manner, he was 68-years of age at his passing.

He started his vocation in Memphis with WDIA 1070 AM in 1983. Well before he plunked down with those stars, the seed of his craving to work in radio was planted. Melvin, his cousin, said that.

It was a sweltering summer day, and we were having some time off from working in the cotton fields when his cousin Melvin Jones dropped by in the midst of the week,” O’Jay reviewed. He started to accept that this was what he might want to do when he was twelve years of age: he would go on the radio and become a plate jockey.