What Happened To Michael Peterson Adopted Daughters Margaret and Martha Ratliff?

Michael Peterson took on Margaret and her more youthful sister Martha Ratliff after their folks left the world. Many are interested to be familiar with the sister’s condition and their genuine family.

Michael and Kathleen Peterson’s mixed family incorporates five children, including Martha Ratliff and her sister Margaret Ratliff, who were taken on by the couple after their folks died.


After the extraordinary progress of the Netflix narrative The Staircase, HBO has additionally presented the 2022 miniseries The Staircase on May 5. The show started keep not long after Peterson’s capture in 2001 and followed occasions until his inevitable Alford request in 2017.

Here’s every little thing about them exhaustively. Who Are Margaret and Martha Ratliff? Michael Peterson was the lawful caretaker of Margaret Ratliff and her more youthful sister Martha Ratliff. The sisters remained by Peterson through the path, as pictured by the narrative The Staircase.

In the HBO Max series, the personality of Margaret is played by Sophie Turner, and Odessa Young plays Martha. Both the sister’s kept up with Peterson’s blamelessness all through the preliminary.

The two of them were in school when the preliminary unfurled. Martha was at the University of San Francisco, and Margaret at Tulane University. Since the preliminary, Margaret has moved to California, while her sister Martha lives in Colorado, per Newsweek.

Margaret and Martha Ratliff Real Parents-Where Are They Today? As confirmed by The Staircase narrative, Martha and Margaret Ratliff’s dad, George Ratliff, was in the U.S. Aviation based armed forces and died while on task in 1983.

Their mom, Elizabeth Ratliff, was subsequently tracked down dead at the lower part of the flight of stairs in 1985 in Germany. Peterson then, at that point, turned into the stranded sister’s legitimate watchman.

Elizabeth’s body was additionally unearthed during Peterson’s preliminary. A post-mortem examination managed her demise a crime.

Michael and his most memorable spouse Patricia lived in Germany for quite a while, where they got to know Elizabeth and George Ratliff, natural guardians of the two sisters.

After their passing, Michale turned into the gatekeeper of the two sisters. After he isolated from his most memorable spouse, their kids Clayton and Todd lived with their mom Patricia, while Margaret and Martha remained with Michael.

Margaret and Martha Ratliff Net Worth Details Martha and Margaret Ratliff carried on with a seriously decent life because of their folks’ impact while their individual total assets actually interests the public today.

Their parent’s assessed total assets is more than $500k from his composing vocation. The sisters avoided the media with respect to their lives and works after Michael’s conviction.