What Happened To Missing Michael Hughes? Netflix ‘The Girl In The Picture’ Story

Michael Hughes was Suzanne Sevakis’ kid, who vanished in 1994. Franklin Delano Floyd grabbed Sevakis and erroneously guaranteed Hughes was his child; she was never found 25 years after her passing in 1990.

The Netflix unique film “Young lady in the Picture” digs into a confounded case that elaborate an extensive examination. Tonya Hughes, who was found out and about in 1990, is where everything begins. She later died in a clinic, leaving her child, Michael, and her better half, Clarence Hughes.


Tonya’s demise’s conditions stayed a secret, yet new data about her past arose. The hijacking of Michael four years after the fact provoked the investigators to get more familiar with Tonya and Clarence Hughes.

What has been going on with Missing Michael Anthony Hughes? Reality with regards to Michael Hughes’ whereabouts stayed a secret for over 20 years. At the point when FBI specialists Scott Lobb and Nate Furr met Florida’s Union Correctional Institution detainee and sentenced killer Franklin Delano Floyd in 2014, more data and a few responses began to become known.

He is 79 years of age. Floyd professed to have shot Hughes (the child of Sevakis) two times toward the rear of the head around the same time that he had kidnapped him in September 1994.

Floyd professed to be Tonya Hughes/Suzanne Sevakis’ life partner and guaranteed Michael as his child after her 1990 demise, which is as yet unexplained today. Floyd utilized the pseudonym Clarence Hughes to make the cases.

Michael was, in any case, eliminated into the guardianship of the youngster assurance organizations and shipped off non-permanent parents Merle and Ernest Bean, who is highlighted in the narrative.

At the point when Michael was six years of age and in the 1st grade at Indian Meridian Elementary School in Choctaw, Oklahoma, on September 12, 1994, Floyd went after the structure displaying a weapon and snatched both Michael and his head, James Davis, prior to binds Davis to a tree in the contiguous woods.

Michael Hughes Body Never Found Michael’s body was unloaded near the Oklahoma-Texas line, as per Floyd, who conceded this to FBI authorities. His affirmation was upheld by extra records in which observes said they saw Michael. A careful pursuit was finished in an around 2000 square foot space.

In any case, since Michael had been dead for around 20 years, they didn’t expect to track down a significant number of his remaining parts. In any case, they were all the while searching for proof that would uphold Micahel’s presence.

The errand might have been achieved with cartridge housings, the metal eyelets from Michael’s tennis shoes, or a belt clasp. However, nothing of the sort was found there. The admission alone provided a sense of finality to Michael’s temporary parents.

The Girl In The Picture Based On True Story The genuine wrongdoing narrative Girl in the Picture, accessible on Netflix, tells the genuine story of Tonya Hughs, otherwise called Sharon Marshall, who was stole by Franklin Delano Floyd when she was a small kid, brought up as his little girl, and eventually turned into Floyd’s better half.

Tonya Hughes, a 20-year-elderly person, was killed in Oklahoma City in 1990 in the wake of being hit by a quick in and out vehicle. Her passing fills in as the account’s beginning stage. She abandoned a small child named Michael as well as her better half, Clarence Hughes, who was really Franklin Delano Floyd at that point.

Specialists thought Floyd was an exceptionally particular man, and Tonya’s passing was remembered to have been a murder, consequently Michael was put in child care. Floyd was caught in the following manhunt two months after the fact, however Michael was rarely found.

Floyd said he was alive regardless of the way that the specialists thought he had died. The FBI found proof that Floyd had killed Cheryl Ann Comesso in 1989 during the examination concerning the abducting. In 2002, he was seen as at fault for homicide and given capital punishment in Florida.