What Happened To Nick Fudge From Wicked Tuna? Duffy Death Cause And Obituary


Nick Fudge is a TV Personality known for his job on National Geographic show Wicked Tuna. He died on July 19, 2018.

His genuine name is Nicholas Fudge, born on August 1, 1989, in Topsfield, Massachusetts, to Ronald Fudge Jr. of Topsfield and Judy Fudge of Greenland.


The moderator moved on from Portsmouth High School and succeeded in each game he endeavored, yet his top picks were fishing, hockey, lacrosse, skiing, snowboarding, and surfing.

Duffy started fish fishing as a youngster with his dad and granddad. He procured a spot on the National Geographic unscripted TV drama Wicked Tuna for numerous seasons subsequent to becoming one of the nation’s top games anglers.

What Happened To Nick Fudge From Wicked Tuna? Nicholas Fudge died out of the blue at age 28 in July 2018.

His colleagues said that his demise was stunning; regardless, the reason for behind his passing was subsequently announced as decompression affliction.

He used to work in Wicked Tuna. The focal point of the TV program Wicked Tuna is on the angler. Fish anglers from Massachusetts who go fishing in the North Atlantic Ocean are highlighted in the unscripted tv program.

Duffy chipped away at the Pinwheel with his old buddy Tyler McLaughlin. Fiendish Tuna, the organization’s true Twitter account, declared Nicholas Fudge’s passing.

Commander Tyler McLaughlin went on with the show even after his most memorable mate and closest companion Duffy passed only a couple of days before Season 8’s recording started.

Tyler chose to pick his sister Marissa to fill the job of the main mate since she had a chief’s permit and was more than qualified.

In the National Geographic video, Tyler was heard saying, I’m frightened I could wear out this season, so I’m depending on Marissa to be an extraordinary first mate she actually has a long way to go. In any case, she presently holds a chief’s permit and can explore with the radar understanding capacity.

Did Decompression Sickness Cause Nick Fudge Demise? The reason for his demise was decompression infection, otherwise called The Bends.

As indicated by Diversalertnetwork.org, it is the result of unfortunate decompression following openness to expanding pressure.

The ailment is generally normal in jumpers and scuba jumpers since body tissue assimilates nitrogen bubbles, which can influence any body part.

No reports affirmed the reason for Duffy’s demise from Wicked Tuna. The majority of Duffy’s devotees were perplexed by his reason for death, named uncommon demise by most news sources.

Nick Fudge’s Death Cause Mentioned In Obituary As per Nick’s tribute posted on the Remick and Gendron Funeral Home site, Fudge died “suddenly” on Thursday, July 19, 2018.

While his demise cause was not unveiled by New Hampshire police, a nearby angler uncovered to New Hampshire Union Leader that he might have been a survivor of decompression infection.

In light of his eulogy, Fudge cherished the outside and started fishing with his dad and granddad as a kid. Fudge’s family has mentioned gifts be made to a remembrance store, with continues helping natural protection.