What happened to Olga Sanchez-Reyes? Pennsylvania man sentenced to life in prison over wife’s ‘heinous’ murder


A Pennsylvania man, distinguished as Carlos Montalvo-Rivera, has been condemned to life detainment for killing his better half, Olga Sanchez-Reyes, by setting their home ablaze, back in 2010. Charges were recorded against Rivera in 2019, close to 10 years after the killing occurred.

The grievous episode occurred in December 2010. Most authorities on the matter would agree, Olga Sanchez-Reyes died from smoke inward breath because of the fire.


The Pennsylvania man has been seen as at legitimate fault for first-degree murder, three counts of endeavored crime, one count of torching, and one count of gambling with calamity. Similar has been affirmed by the DA’s office also. The extra charges are a consequence of several’s children being inside the house at the time Carlos set it ablaze.

As per the examiners, Rivera’s record of what happened that evening in 2010 didn’t sound extremely persuading. They further guaranteed that Rivera neglected to give appropriate insights about the episode.

The Pennsylvania man’s better half was purportedly alive when he set the house ablaze
The sad killing of Olga Sanchez-Reyes occurred on December 6, 2010, at a house on North Plum Road. As indicated by Dr. Wayne Ross, a scientific pathologist, the casualty was alive when the Pennsylvania man set their home ablaze.

Carlos was tracked down blameworthy on April 6, 2023, and his condemning happened as of late, where he got life detainment for fiercely killing Olga. Colleague head prosecutor Jennifer Ponessa said in her end contention,

“All the proof throughout the long term, everything has at any point simply highlighted him, no other individual. He lied since the very first moment of this examination. He was unable to give significant subtleties of what has been going on with him that evening.”
Ponessa further added:

The examiners additionally referenced that the Pennsylvania man purportedly set the house ablaze to annihilate however much proof as could reasonably be expected. Rivera at first told researching officials that there was a home intrusion and that the gatecrashers killed his better half, and afterward set the house ablaze.

Neighbors asserted that they saved two or three’s youngsters who were additionally trapped in the consuming house. As per policing, two of the youngsters supported wounds also.

Examiners brought up that Rivera’s declarations weren’t at standard with one another. For example, the Pennsylvania man guaranteed that he leaped through of the window to save his life from the fire. In any case, upon examination, cops figured out that the window being referred to wasn’t actually open during the fire.

The safeguard group guaranteed that there is a sensible uncertainty since the examiners decided to not proceed the case from 2011 to 2019. They likewise guaranteed that specialists have neglected to do an itemized examination.

“The weak story you created and kept on clutching basically held no water. The jury didn’t really accept that you and I feel that is the manner by which it ought to be.”
Aide DA Christine Wilson additionally tended to the occurrence:

“This was a totally severe and egregious wrongdoing that elaborate various casualties.” The three-week preliminary closed after the jury gave the decision. Rivera additionally claims $116,975.28 in compensation.