What happened to Parker League? Missing Gretna teen found dead in Arizona bonfire pit


The body of a 18-year-old, later recognized as Parker Association, was found consuming in a fire pit in the Tonto Public Park on June 12, 2023. Association was accounted for missing on June 15 by his dad. Specialists later found his possessions at his home in Tempe, and have governed his demise as being pernicious.

Following the disclosure, neighborhood individuals expressed seeing dubious exercises close to the area where Parker Association’s remaining parts were recuperated. A close by occupant uncovered that needles were likewise tracked down close to Association’s body.


Parker Association was an understudy at Gretna Secondary School, and specialists affirmed that he graduated in the spring.

Policing are yet to uncover extra data about Association’s vanishing and his inevitable demise. Cops additionally affirmed that his most recent area was accepted to be at his home in Tempe. They are as yet attempting to sort out how his body wound up in that consuming pit in the desert.

Specialists affirmed that they have gathered a wide range of DNA proof from the wrongdoing site, and any potential leftovers of any sort of dull power injury. As per previous Phoenix Police Office Sgt. Troy Hillman, the area of the huge fire could indicate the “possible suspects as being possibly acquainted with that area or potentially needing to have some kind of isolation to commit the deplorable demonstration.”

Occupants have shown concerns with respect to the rising crime percentages in adjacent regions. A nearby, recognized as Golden Kunau, said that the whole circumstance is “truly frightening and truly miserable, and having a solid sense of reassurance is hard.”

Sharon Allison-Brown additionally talked about there being needles and other stuff lying around the location of the crime:

“[There were needles and] a wide range of stuff laying around, which the area was burnt out on.” Another inhabitant, Eric Nerve, communicated their anxiety with regards to this issue by saying:

“It’s not something we need to see occurring over here, so it would be good to realize who is dependable so it doesn’t occur again.”The casualty’s more established brother affirmed that Association went to Tempe to meet his companions

Tracker Association, the casualty’s brother got a call from his dad about Parker’s vanishing:  “It’s difficult to acknowledge on the grounds that he was the most pleasant youngster on the planet. I got a call from my father advising me to get back home. I asked him ‘for what valid reason’ multiple times and the third time he attempted to make sense of it, he recently began separating.”
Tracker was two years more seasoned than the person in question and furthermore portrayed him as his dearest companion. He further affirmed that the casualty was going to Tempe to visit his companions, adding:

“I realized he had a spot to remain; I realized he arrived. We messaged… there’s nothing else to it.” Policing are presently exploring the baffling vanishing and demise of Parker Association.