What Happened To Patrick Brown? Case Update – Rebecca Lawson Now


In January 2017, Rebecca Lawson, an Indianapolis lady, was seen as at real fault for killing 35-year-old Patrick Brown and harming 38-year-old Cecilia Land in a shooting on the city’s southwest side.

It occurred at roughly 8:45 p.m. in the 3400 square of South Lynhurst Drive in February of 2016. Rebecca Lawson, as indicated by specialists, dialed 911 and gave up eagerly to officials after the occurrence.


A short time later, Lawson was accused of homicide and endeavored murder.What Befell  Patrick Brown? Dateline Patrick Brown was Rebecca Lawson’s hit or miss, beau. At the point when Lawson found him laying down with another lady, she shot the two of them.

She messaged Patrick Brown before the unfortunate episode, recommending she would bring supper.Nonetheless , he switched her off by expressing he needed to remain late working. Rebecca headed to his home, dubious, and found that he had organization.

Patrick cautioned her she needed to leave. Lawson demanded her bringing her effects into the house. Cece Land ventured outside as she was going to leave and brought her arms up in an angry way.

Rebecca messaged Patrick again after she left, letting him know that Cecelia Land expected to leave. Afterward, Rebecca Lawson shot Patrick in the chest, and CeCe Land was shot two times in the face as she moved toward the vehicle holding an article.

She asserted she shot them since she was at serious risk.Followin g that, Brown was shipped to Eskenazi Hospital, where he surrendered to his wounds. Cece Land was moreover conceded to the clinic. Her wounds were in the end mended.

Where Could Rebecca Lawson Now be? In the year 2022, Rebecca Lawson is detained for her wrongdoing. She got a 85-year sentence that included 55 years for homicide and 30 years for endeavored murder.

In January of 2017, Rebecca was sentenced for homicide and endeavored murder. Afterward, in August 2018, the Indiana Court of Appeals turned around her conviction and requested another preliminary. Following that, a jury viewed her to be unquestionablyblameworthy of first-degree murder and endeavored murder during the retrial.