What Happened To Pierre Rinfret? Radio Columnist Died Age 72

As well as working with 91.9 Sports for the past seven years, Pierre Rinfret has additionally worked for TVA Sports. During the 1980s, he worked for TVA, depicting hockey games on TV and afterward on the radio. He was likewise a specialist on the now-dead TQS show “every available ounce of effort.”

What has been going on with Pierre Rinfret? Radio Columnist Died Age 72 The disclosure of his demise was affirmed by Montreal radio broadcast 91.9 Sports on Friday morning, where Pierre Rinfret had worked starting around 2015. In spite of being seriously sick, the host continued excess in the air until the previous winter.


“He had his lung eliminated this colder time of year, however he actually needed to return and present his show on the ends of the week until February,” said Yves Bombardier, 91.9 Sports’ overseer of programming.

Pierre has become notable among avid supporters across the locale, especially on TVA and CKAC radio broadcasts. During the 2000s, he used to work up opinions on the old show every available ounce of effort on TQS, where it was normal to see him blow a gasket in front of an audience.

He was utilized as a columnist for Canadian games on the radio during the finish of the 1990s, with Michel Bergeron, who filled in as an expert next to him.

Meet Pierre Rinfret Wife Pierre Rinfret’s own subtleties have not been unveiled on the web. Consequently there is no data about his better half.

“Pierre Rinfret, old buddy, has died. Earlier today, he left us. He’ll have spent the remainder of his life doing what he adored. He left agreeable and quiet.”

“My genuine feelings to anybody who delighted in paying attention to him, including his girl Camille, family, and companions. Find happiness in the hereafter, dear companion,” said have Jean-Charles Lajoie on Twitter.” According to this tweet, we can affirm that Pierre had a girl named Camille.

What Was Pierre Rinfret Net Worth? Pierre Rinfret’s monetary subtleties are not uncovered. In any case, we accept that as a radio personality he probably procured a fair sum.

The wages of Radio Talk Show Hosts in the United States range from $18,000 to $86,780, with a middle pay of $30,960, as per Comparably.

The center 67% of Radio Talk Show Hosts acquire $30,960 to $48,910 each year, while the best 67% procure $86,780 each year. Thus, he might have acquired anyplace here.