What Happened To Rex Frank Kankakee? Sarah Washington Murder Convict – Update Now 2022


The County court reported forty years in jail for Rex Frank today, who will invest energy in the Illinois Department of Corrections.

Rex Frank was captured accountable for vehicle commandeering in April of 2014, which prompted the shooting passings of two people and one burglary endeavor.


What Befell Rex Frank Kankakee? Rex Frank Kankakee was captured by Illinois Police Department for killing Sarah Washington. He is at present serving life detainment.

Sarah, a 25-year-old it was found killed by Frank strive for model. Her body was found by a nearby cousin after she was shot a few times in her home.

The killer guaranteed that the Kankakee County Circuit Court violated the law by setting information free from different killings, incorporating Rian Maiden’s homicide in 2014.

The court opposed Rex’s preliminary and affirmed the detainment. He even pursued for preliminary, according to the court’s decision, it is incorporated to look for that the additional data.

Sarah Washington Murder Convict Rex Frank was indicted for the homicide of Sarah Washington and was condemned to 45 years in jail.

Sarah Washington was tracked down dead in her room, with two projectiles took shots at her head. The police initially thought her beau Greg Dismuke.

Police dropped the argument against him subsequent to tracking down no proof. Greg’s companion Rex Frank appeared to be agreeable during examinations completed by authorities.

Rex told police authorities he got back on the morning of the homicide. Nonetheless, he was recorded on CCTV maneuvering into the parking area.

During the examinations, he consented to kill Sarah Washington. He took her Atm and took out the cash to purchase gems for the young lady he was dating.

Rex Frank Age Rex Frank appeared to be in her mid-twenties. He has kept his real age stowed away from the public spotlight

Frank experienced childhood in Illinois, the United States in a working class family. He finished his essential instruction at a neighborhood school.

The killer has kept his own data stowed away from the public eye. Therefore, little data about him is known.

Who Is Rex Frank Wife? Rex Frank isn’t hitched. Accordingly, he doesn’t have a spouse.

During his examinations, he uncovered that he utilized Sarah Washington Atm to buy the adornments for his better half.

Rex shot Sarah Washington two times in her mind, constraining her to give her PIN and Atm card.

When Is Rex Frank Release Date? Rex Frank won’t be delivered. He was right now confronting life detainment in Illinois.

Frank was detained in the passing of Sarah Washington at the Jerome Combs Detention Facility on July eleventh, 2014.

Upheld by proof found at the scene, Kankakee Police investigators accused Rex of Washington’s homicide in April 2016.