What Happened To Sir David Osagie? Fans Are Heartbroken After The Announcement Of Nollywood Actor Death On Set


Osagie Ogbeosamudia, otherwise called Sir David Osagie, was a notable Nollywood entertainer, screenwriter, maker, and expert ability supervisor.

Furthermore, he was generally prestigious for depicting the personality of a ruler or a senior kingsman in many movies.


He was very gifted, talented, creative, and skilled in acting and deciphering realistic parts. He was very great at deciphering his parts and could squeeze into any person Nigerian movie chiefs and makers gave to him. Many individuals revered him.

What has been going on with Sir David Osagie? Nollywood Actor Death On Set As per reports, entertainer David Osagie, frequently known as Sir David, has died. He was accepted to have died on a film set only hours in the wake of recording.

His colleagues, who shared the awful insight about his passing on Instagram, said he was on set yesterday, May 3, just for them to learn of his demise earlier today.

Ngozi Ezehwho, a Nollywood entertainer who confirmed his passing on Wednesday, asserted the entertainer was not unwell yet dozed and didn’t awaken the following day. She additionally expressed that he was solid.

Ibiwari Etuk, a Nollywood entertainer who seemed mindful of his demise, expressed the entertainer had gotten done with shooting and fallen asleep, just to at no point ever awaken in the future.

David Osagie Wife And Family Sir David Osagie’s committed spouse and relatives endure him. Sadly, following his startling passing, he has abandoned them.

He was a spouse and father. David and his better half had children and girls because of their marriage. Sir David Osagie, then again, doesn’t share photographs of his family, spouse, or youngsters via virtual entertainment.

David Osagie Wikipedia Regardless of being a well known Nollywood maker, entertainer, and scriptwriter, David Osagie’s account has not been highlighted on Wikipedia. Sir David is initially from Igbanke, Delta State, Nigeria’s south-focal area.

In films, he commonly depicted the personality of a ruler. In 1986, he moved on from Ika Grammar School in Agbor, Delta State, with a degree.

Osagie acquired a four year college education in 1998 from Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria. Delta bond Media Concept Limited and Deltabond Film House and Studio were his organizations. On May 3, 2022, he died of normal causes subsequent to getting back from a film shoot.