What Happened To The “Dead Cross Band” Drummer Gabe Serbian?


The music business has lost another pearl named Gabe Serbian. The drummer for Locust was known for his purposeful and emotive stick-based abilities, which genuinely had a place with him.

As the world grieves his passing on the web, some netizens are interested to figure out certain insights concerning him.


What has been going on with Gabe Serbian? Gabe Serbian died on April 30, 2022. Insect declared the news on Twitter. They honored him and said his nonattendance would constantly be felt.

Nonetheless, they didn’t specify the reason for his demise. Besides, he died startlingly on the grounds that there were no reports with respect to any medical problems. Along these lines, some figure it very well may be a mishap.

In any case, we can’t affirm anything since his family presently can’t seem to remark with regards to this issue. Additionally, his fans have been honoring him and sending sympathies to his family through web-based entertainment.

He was the long-lasting Golden Hill occupant and a Casbah barkeep prevalently known as a drummer and guitarist. He was an individual from the Locust who has performed close by John Cota, Jason Blackmore, and James Armbrust.

His fans were crushed to hear the insight about his passing.

Is Gabe Serbian Available On Wikipedia? Gabe Serbian isn’t accessible on Wikipedia. In any case, according to certain sources, he has worked with a few music groups like The Locust, Retox, Cattle Decapitation, Wet Lungs, Holy Molar, and Head Wound City.

Furthermore, he visited with Le Butcherettes and helped out Alec Empire and Otto Von Schirach’s more modern, electronic-based gatherings.

He likewise composed and performed many tracks for the soundtrack of Italian chief Asia Argento’s latest film, Incompresa, which debuted at the Cannes Film Festival in May of 2014.

Insights concerning Gabe Serbian Net Worth At Age 45 Gabe Serbian, age 45, didn’t uncover his total assets subtleties before his demise. Be that as it may, his greater part of fortune came from his work as a worked artist with a few brands.

All of his creation has been worth paying attention to, according to a portion of his fans. In spite of the fact that he stayed calm during his time, his music had arrived at numerous ears and transformed them into a fan.