What Happened To Timothy Wiltsey? Dateline Explores On Shocking Story Of Murder By Ruthless Mother


Timothy Wiltsey, a five-year-old New Jersey kid, was killed. In a fresh out of the plastic new Dateline episode, his story will be told. It has been planned to air on NBC at 9 p.m. on Friday, April 29.

What has been going on with Timothy Wiltsey? On May 25, 1991, Timothy Wiltsey was killed. Following a year, his remaining parts were recuperated in April 1992. He was set in a damp stream in Raritan Center in Edison.


Michelle Lodzinski, his mom, was indicted liable for the homicide following a two-decade request. She was viewed as at legitimate fault for first-degree murder and allowed a 30-year sentence.

She was, nonetheless, set free from her charges in late December 2021. She had been serving her term at Hunterdon County’s Edna Mahan Correctional Facility up to that point. After the court administering, she has proclaimed a liberated individual since her DNA was never found in her child’s skeleton.

The assertion from Supreme Court read: “The court reasons that no levelheaded jury – without participating in theory or guess – could infer that Lodzinski intentionally or purposely caused Timothy’s passing,”

The Tragic Unsolved Murder Mystery Of Timothy Wiltsey In Detail Timothy Wiltsey was residing with his mom in their home in South Amboy.

It was Lodzinski who had announced about her child’s absent after she said that she lost at a festival on the Memorial weekend. Specialists had looked through him, be that as it may, we can’t find him. It was following a year in April 1992, that his skull and bones were found in a spring.

Strangely, Lodzinski worked in the Raritan Center in Edison, where Wiltsey’s skeletons were found. In any case, no hints of his mom’s DNA were tracked down ar the spot. The kid’s cover, found close by his body, was the state’s just significant piece of proof. Despite the fact that, demonstrating her criminality was adequately not.

Something else is when Wiltsey disappeared, his mom got away to the Bahamas. This showed her no inclination towards her child’s burial service or the actual case. She actually guarantees that she never murdered her child, truth be told.

One more confounding thing about the case is that no bits of proof were viewed as in their home. Moreover, the nearby ones and neighbors had never observed Wiltsey being manhandled by his mom or anything.

This multitude of conditions have presented the defense exceptionally confounding even following 30 years of examination. In the interim, the passing of an honest young man has still upset the residents of New Jersey.

Sadly, nobody knows how or who killed Timothy Wiltsey, who was just five years of age at that point.

Timothy Wiltsey’s Mother Michelle Lodzinski To Appear On Dateline Timothy Wiltsey’s mother Michelle Lodzinski will show up in a select meeting on NBC’s Dateline.

In season 30’s episode 24 named “The Blue Blanket Mystery”, the indicted mother will be addressed by the neighborhood New Jersey criminal investigators.

Likewise, Wiltsey’s cousin Jennifer Dilcher, Lodzinski’s sister Linda Hisey and Wiltsey’s lifelong companion Tara Packard will likewise participate in the meeting.