What Happened To Trap Nation? Channel Deleted From YouTube As Rap Nation Was Hacked


Trap Nation, a YouTube channel, was the go-to choice for individuals searching for dope beats and melodies. Be that as it may, assuming you look for the channel today, it is presently not accessible.

Subsequent to confronting a few issues, the YouTube channel got erased. Sources say, Andre Willem, the Channel’s maker, was engaged with a few accursed exercises.


What Happened To Trap Nation? A popular Youtuber called Vexxed transferred a video in 2017, where he clarified what Trap Nation and its author were doing.

Vexxed guaranteed that the Trap Nation’s originator, Andre, was engaged with hacking, doxxing, and was trading malware spreading strategies. Besides, he asserted that Andre was hacking records and spreading Trojans through one of his YouTube channels.

Andre is additionally blamed for having close binds with somewhere around one colleague associated with the famous hacking bunch Lizard Squad. Vexxed not just blamed Andre for these things. He likewise conveyed affirmed pertinent information, screen captures, archived calls, and witness explanations.

The account of Andre Willem’s association with a programmer named Kerem is then told in the Vexxed video. As indicated by sources, Kerem was a notable programmer who transparently extorted multitudinous YouTube diverts in return for cash and different things.

Channel Trap Nation Deleted From YouTube As Rap Nation Was Hacked Trap Nation’s true Twitter account distributed a post expressing that their channel Trap Nation and Rap Nation got hacked by an endeavor.

As indicated by the assertion, they presume the record was hacked through a web-based feature. The Trap Nation family is as of now exploring the issue and endeavoring to reestablish the record.

Following the hacking, beat fans, especially hip-bounce fans, are stuck on the grounds that their go-to objective for the best music and beats is at this point not accessible.

The audience members are running Twitter addressing what befell the channel. Furthermore the people who definitely realize what is happening are running #freetrap country and #freerapnation.

Trap Nation on Instagram, was it dropped? Trap Nation Instagram handle @trapnation is as yet turned out great. Their record didn’t get hacked or erased by the programmers.

Indeed, even the associations’ Twitter and Facebook accounts are turned out great. It seems like just their YouTube channel was the fundamental objective. Trap country has 30 million or more perspectives on YouTube and great many supporters on its online media. We trust that the association get equity and find support from outside sources so they can reestablish their record.