What happened to Wendy Duan? Texas ‘Teacher of the Year’ found dead in her backyard


A 28-year-old Boone Primary Teacher named Wendy Duan was found dead in the terrace of her Sugar Land home.

Specialists tracked down her remaining parts on Saturday, January 7, 2023, right away before 10 pm neighborhood time. They additionally found that the 28-year-old had various shot injuries. Neighbors apparently heard shots, which is when police were called to the scene.


News sources have taken a stab at reaching the Sugar Land Police Office, yet no updates have been given at this point.

Wendy was named the ‘Educator of the Year’ in 2021 at Boone Primary School in Houston, Texas. She was a 3rd grade perusing/language expressions educator at the said establishment.

The Sugar Land Police Division answered reports of a shooting in the 1200 block of Oxford Plants Path in the New Domain at Sugar Land. Neighbors likewise supposedly heard discharges. Tony Thomas, a neighbor, told ABC13:

“All of a sudden, only four exceptionally particular shots is what I heard, and it was very unnerving right now, so I dropped all that I was doing and came outside.”
One more neighbor named Sandy Thomas talked about Wendy and said:

“We’d converse with one another, and she [Wendy Duan] let me know she’s an educator, so not far and away a lot of discussion, but rather she appeared to be a pleasant young lady; we would see each other on and off now and then.”
ABC13 revealed that police have distinguished the suspect and furthermore accept that Duan was a casualty of aggressive behavior at home. Be that as it may, police have not yet uncovered the personality of the suspect or a potential connection between the suspect and Wendy.

Wendy Duan took to Facebook to communicate her sentiments when she turned into the ‘Educator of the Year’ in December 2021. She composed:

“I actually can hardly imagine how I won ESL educator of the year haha. The entire time I continued to let individuals know that it was basically impossible that that I would win, particularly conflicting with different educators who have been showing way longer than I have. On account of individuals who put stock in me, and decided in favor of me!”

It has additionally been observed that Wendy was dynamic on Twitter, and would frequently adulate her understudies on the stage and discuss how excited she was about her work.

Emergency advising groups have been laid out at Boone Grade School to assist staff and understudies with managing Duan’s unfortunate destruction.

The Alief Autonomous School Locale expressed that Wendy had been utilized at the grade school starting around 2017. They put out an announcement that said:

“We are profoundly disheartened to find out about the heartbreaking passing of Alief ISD worker Wendy Duan. Our considerations and petitions to heaven are with her family during this troublesome time.”
Netizens have taken to web-based entertainment stages like Facebook and Twitter to grieve the deficiency of Wendy. One Amberlee Balli composed:

“I didn’t know Wendy Duan definitely, however the little minutes I enjoyed with her she was a power of light. You can simply tell. I went to her home, and see every one of the cards on her cooler from her understudies and the employees from her school.”

As referenced previously, specialists have not yet uncovered many insights concerning the lamentable demise of Wendy Duan. The case is as of now being scrutinized.