What Happened To Yrma Lydya? Mexican Singer Murdered By Lawyer Husband Jesus Hernandez Alcocer

Yrma Lydya was a performer who wound up dead by her own better half in the wake of being shot, and her tribute has circulated around the web via virtual entertainment.

Yrma, who got killed, had a lifelong in expressive dance, acting, and singing and got different honors for her work, including a privileged doctorate from the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate of the Republic’s National Prize for Culture.


Who is Yrma Lydya? Wikipedia Yrma Lydya was a talented vocalist, artist, and entertainer who her heartfelt sidekick killed.

At the point when Lydya was six years of age, she found an adoration for singing and the amount she delighted in ranchera music performed by the mariachi.

The capable vocalist has more than 11 years of music experience and is an extraordinary performer with a solid interest in expressive dance and acting. Yrma showed up in six plays, ten telenovelas, the Royal Academy of Dance, the National Dance Company, and other dance-related drives.

Yrma is of Mexican beginning and white family line. Yrma had not unveiled any data about her folks to the world and liked to hush up about current realities.

For what reason Did Yrma Lydya’s Husband Murder Her? Jesus Hernandez Alcocer did a discharge assault on his better half Yrma Lydya in the “Suntory” café, situated on Calle Torres Adalid 14, Colonia Del Valle, in the Benito Juárez chairman’s office in Mexico City, on Thursday night.

Garcia expressed that someone else had been captured accordingly. Also, that individual is the driver who was with the thought assailant.

The Police Officer likewise expressed that the person was at first at a confidential eatery when his significant other came, a contention followed, and he shot him multiple times, killing the woman. The individual has been shipped off the examiner’s office for femicide. The police showed up at the eatery rapidly, nearly before the aggressor could get away.

At the point when police showed up nearby to demand clinical benefits for the harmed lady, paramedics on the scene characterized her as having no crucial signs inferable from gunfire wounds.

Did Yrma Lydya Die After Getting Shot? Eulogy Individuals are disheartened subsequent to finding out about the awful event and Yrma Lydya’s demise via web-based entertainment. Fans loved and appreciated Yrma and are petitioning God for her spirit to find happiness in the hereafter.

Dulce confirmed that the casualty was Yrma Lydya Gamboa, whom her desirous companion supposedly killed Thursday night in Colonia Del Valle’s Suntory eatery.

Dazed, injured, and troubled, Dulce said that Yrma Lydya, who was performing at the GranDiosas occasion, would join her dramatic the next Saturday.

Dulce made sense of that, while she didn’t have a cozy or long haul relationship with Yrma, her gathering had consistently acknowledged her with great enthusiasm, and their kinship had simply started to bloom.