What has Sweetgreen named its newest menu item? Details explored as brand changes Burrito Bowl’s name after Chipotle lawsuit


Following a claim documented by Chipotle Mexican Barbecue, the famous serving of mixed greens chain, Sweetgreen is changing the name of its recently sent off Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl to “Chicken + Chipotle Pepper Bowl.” This comes as the two opponent eatery networks agreed on a basic level to settle the claim.

Last Tuesday, April 4, 2023, Chipotle documented a claim against the serving of mixed greens chain, blaming the last option for trademark encroachment. The claim recorded in the California Government Court blames Sweetgreen for a few trademark encroachment rehearses concerning the new thing.


Sweetgreen was blamed for utilizing Chipotle’s image name, acquainting a thing comparative with an item previously being presented by Chipotle, and utilizing a fundamentally the same as textual style and variety conspire in marketing materials.

While the expression “Chipotle” can at times allude to an ingredient – the dried and spicier adaptation of the jalapeño chile pepper – it can likewise allude to the name as well as brand picture of the quick relaxed café network, Chipotle Mexican Barbecue. In that capacity, the serving of mixed greens chain might experience wound up in profound difficulty following the claim, notwithstanding, it chose to settle it outside court by changing the name of the new contribution basically.

From the send off of the new burrito bowl to a claim and an understanding for a settlement outside the court, Sweetgreen appears to have confronted a wide range of highs and lows over the most recent couple of weeks. Accordingly, the impacts of the equivalent were noticeable in the plate of mixed greens chain’s stock costs, as they shut down to around 10% on Wednesday after the claim.

The claim documented in the California Government Court not just asked the court for a directive against the serving of mixed greens chain yet additionally requested the benefits that the plate of mixed greens chain would have acquired from the Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl. In any case, the “provisional” arrangement endorsed by the two adversaries appears to have settled things for the time being. The two adversary eateries – Chipotle and Sweetgreen – appear to be determined to putting the issue of the claim behind them.

Addressing the press about changing the name of the serving of mixed greens to Chicken + Chipotle Pepper Bowl as a feature of the consent to determine the claim, a delegate for Sweetgreen said:

“We are anticipating putting this claim behind us as we keep on interfacing more individuals to genuine food.” Satisfied with the understanding, California-based Chipotle shared a proclamation, with a delegate saying:

Acquainted with the serving of mixed greens chain’s menu as of late, the new “Chicken + Chipotle Pepper Bowl” is supposed to have “an all-grain base, citrusy dark beans, and house-made cooked chipotle salsa.” With the lawful difficulties settled with the arrangement, both eatery networks are presently offering Burrito Bowls to clients the nation over.