What Is Alex Lagina Net Worth? Details On His Finances

Alex Lagina is an American financial specialist who has a total assets of $10 million.

He has additionally been highlighted in the “Scourge of” side project series, The Scourge of Oak Island: Penetrating Down and The Scourge of Nationwide conflict Gold. He additionally fills in as the partner maker of the series.


He was born in 1987 and is presently 35 years of age. He is highlighted conspicuously in season 2 of the Set of experiences Channel series. He is the child of Marty and nephew of Rick, of the Lagina brothers, pilgrims and co-proprietors of Oak Island.

He graduated in 2008 with a degree in Mechanical Designing from the College of Michigan’s School of Designing. After graduation, he got back to work in his dad’s oil and gas investigation organization Land Energy. The organization was sold by Alex’s dad, Marty Lagina, for purportedly $58 million.

There had been late bits of gossip that Alex had died while recording the series, The Scourge of Oak Island. Those speculations emerged on the grounds that he has not posted on his web-based entertainment starting around 2019.

Those bits of gossip were exposed as he shows up in the new episodes of the series.

He is a prepared jumper who frequently flaunts his abilities while searching for treasure on the secretive Oak Island. Individuals are quick to get familiar with his riches and total assets. Along these lines, this article centers around his total assets, profit, and undertakings.

Alex Lagina of Oak Island has an expected total assets of $10 million starting around 2022.

The greater part of his total assets has been gathered by his legacy of the puzzling Oak Island, an exclusive island situated in Lunenburg District on the south shore of Nova Scotia, Canada.

He is the child of Marty Lagina, one of the proprietors of Oak Island. The Lagina brothers (Rick and Marty), Craig Analyzer, and Alan Kostrzewa are joint individuals from the organization “Michigan Gathering,” framed in February 2019.

Michigan Gathering obtained Oak Island following the disintegration of “Oak Island Visits Inc.” by David Tobias and Dan Blankenship. Because of its set of experiences and old stories, the secretive island has a big sticker price for purchasers and charges a robust total for guests.

Sometimes, individuals track down lost treasures from many a long time back on the island’s property, raising its significance and cost much more. Being one of the co-proprietors, Marty Lagina without a doubt makes an attractive amount of cash from Oak Island.

He is one of the two offspring of Marty and Margaret Olivia Lagina. He and his sister Maddie are the main successors to every one of the organizations and adventures of their folks, Marty and Margaret. So it is probably correct that Alex’s total assets is no less than $10 million.

He is habitually highlighted scouring for buried treasures in “The Scourge of Oak Island,” alongside his dad, Marty, and uncle Rick. Notwithstanding, searching for the fortune of the strange island is to a greater degree a side interest for Alex rather than a serious profession.

Dissimilar to his dad and uncle, Alex has avoided media consideration. He doesn’t appear to have any web-based entertainment profiles, yet his appeal and agreeability have amassed a fan following among the show’s watchers. One of them is Alex Lagina Fans, a fan page with over 8K supporters on Facebook.

Alex Lagina Runs Mari Grape plantation
Alex Lagina has his need in one more critical endeavor of the Lagina family, Mari Grape plantation, where he is the senior supervisor.

He runs his dad’s Mari Grape plantations, situated in Old Mission Landmass, north of Cross City, Michigan. The winery is devoted to making flawless wine from generally developed epithet assortments and trial Italian grapes.

Mari Grape plantation was laid out in the mid 2000s by Oak Island’s Marty Lagina as a respect to his grandma, Teresa Mari, who had an Italian foundation and filled in as the winery’s namesake. Marty and his child Alex work on the custom of creating trial wines that think back the family’s Italian legacy.

Marty has established unconventional European assortments like Nebbiolo and Sangiovese close by traditionally developed epithet assortments like Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Riesling at his grape plantation. Alongside normal wines, Mari Grape plantation creates the fan top picks Praefectus and Ultima Thule.

Mari Grape plantation sells a decent measure of wines through their actual outlet and official site. At present, they transport items to California, Colorado, Washington D.C., Florida, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Tennessee, Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Oregon, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Probably the best wines sold by Mari Grape plantation incorporate Gamay Noir, Shut-in Rosso, Praefectus, Riesling, Pinot Bianco, Bestiary Ramato, Totus Porcus, and Simplicissumus, among numerous others.

Lagina’s obligation to Mary Grape plantation has without a doubt paid off since the winery holds a high evaluating from guests and visitors. What’s more, the grape plantation is habitually highlighted in a few magazines and “best of” and “top 10” arrangements of comparative firms.

He has ended up being an effective money manager and the ideal individual to lead the Lagina family’s side business.