What Is Ana Scotney Ethnicity? ‘God’s Favorite Idiot’ Actress Family Details

Ana Scotney is a notable New Zealand entertainer, maker, and craftsman. She has showed up in movies like Millie Lies Low, Cousins, and Wellington Paranormal.

The New Zealand-based entertainer has as of late acquired unmistakable quality because of her exceptional exhibitions in her new undertakings.


As per IMDb, Scotney has nine eminent acting credits to her name, and many individuals are know all about her and follow her on different media stages.

Beside performing, Ana is additionally vigorously engaged with filmmaking and theater, where she has coordinated a few fascinating plays and undertakings.

What Is Ana Scotney Ethnicity? Ana Scotney’s ethnicity binds to Tuhoe, German, Jewish, and Irish plunged while she was experiencing childhood in Wellington.

Ana was born and brought up in New Zealand, and she talks about her nationality as a New Zealander.

It is her family members and different forebears whose relatives can be followed back to numerous personalities and beginning stages. In any case, her association with these drops still can’t seem to be promoted.

She as of late enveloped recording as one of the leads by the Mori-helmed highlight film Cousins, which is set to be delivered in the following quite a while. Michelle Savill’s NZFC-upheld bound to-be-conveyed debut feature film Mille Lies Low stars her as Millie. She as of late closed recording in Byron Bay for the impending Netflix series God’s Favorite Idiot, close by Melissa McCarthy, Ben Falcone, and Steve Mallory.

Ana Scotney Family Background and Parents Right now, there is no data on Ana Scotney’s folks or different family members on the web. As indicated by the declarations, the lady has the two gatekeepers, family, and other related people. In any case, no particular insights regarding their character or individual lives are portrayed in the media.

Besides, apparently her family is elated that she is an entertainer and doesn’t completely accept that she ought to accomplish popularity since she has not imparted any pictures to her family members. Regardless, she might unveil data about them later, so if you need to dive more deeply into them, go to the latest post on the web.

Ana Scotney Wikipedia: How Old Is Ana Scotney? Ana Scotney may be in her late season of the 20s or early season of 30s in 2022.

It isn’t not difficult to communicate her precise date of birth and move along in age here since she hasn’t uncovered anything about it on any electronic amusement stage or dispersion.

Ana Scotney is a New Zealand performer, boss, and crafter. Millie Lies Low, Cousins, and Wellington Paranormal are only a couple of the films in which she shows up. The New Zealand performer has as of late become considerably more notable because of how really she has acted in her new jobs.

Scotney is a notable entertainer who is as often as possible referenced in the media. As per IMDb, she has showed up in nine critical movies.

Ana is likewise energetic about filmmaking and working in the theater, where she has coordinated a few fascinating plays and different undertakings. As the quantity of individuals who like her develops, so does the quantity of individuals who are keen on her own life.