What is Assad Zaman’s age? Everything You Need to Know About Hotel Portofino Actor

What is Assad Zaman’s age? All that You Need to Know About Hotel Portofino Actor Fans are restless to find out about entertainer Assad Zaman, who has as of late provoked everybody’s curiosity inferable from his introduction as a feature of the cast of Hotel Portofino. We should investigate the article and see what we can look into him.

Assad is a notable entertainer who has been in movies, for example, Apple Tree Yard (2017), Our Girl (2013), and This Is the Night Mail. He will show up as Anish Sengupta with Anna Chancellor in the Eagle Eye Drama creation HOTEL PORTOFINO, which will show on PBS and ITV1.


He isn’t only quite possibly of Pakistan’s most appealing and hottest person, however he is likewise a warm, focused, aggressive, and serious person. He can possibly make anybody fall irredeemably and frantically enamored with him due to his green eyes, all around etched body characteristics, and adorable disposition.

He had the option to cut out a specialty for himself in the stage business in a brief timeframe. As well as being a functioning model, the Heartthrob is a multi-skilled craftsman. He is, in any case, a cultivated entertainer by his own doing.

Period of Assad Zaman How old is the entertainer in Hotel Portofino as per Wikipedia? Asad was born on July 26th, 1984, in Karachi, Pakistan. As of June 2022, he is 37 years of age. All through his instructive profession, he went to grade school, center school, and college in a similar city.

Notwithstanding his astounding looks, the smooth excellence has a ton of hand to hand fighting mastery. It was in China that he acquired his combative techniques preparing. Asad is a certified military craftsman in both Taekwondo and Wushu (Chinese Martial Arts).

Due to his adoration and energy for performing, he is presently perhaps of the most notable and fruitful craftsman. In the event that Asad wasn’t an entertainer, he accepts he would enlist in the military or the discretionary assistance in the event that he was unable to work in the amusement area.

He strolled the catwalk for probably the most notable style planners and participated in various photograph shoots. He is regularly viewed as one of the world’s most perfect men. Asad was impelled into the public glare subsequent to showing up in the truth program “Legend Bannay Ki Tarang” in 2011.

Assad Zaman’s Religion And Girlfriend Assad is currently without a soul mate and is looking for somebody who will grasp him and be close by until the end of his life. We haven’t found any proof or heard any reports that he’s involved with any other individual. It’s sensible to accept that he’s as of now zeroing in his energies on advancing his expert profession.

Assad will be highlighted in the approaching time of the ITV show Vera. In the mean time, he’ll be viewed as Millat Iqbal in the play “White Teeth,” which is currently being played at the Kiln Theater, which was as of late revamped.