What Is Being Krissed Meaning On TikTok? Urban Dictionary- You Just Being Krissed Trend Is Taking Over TikTok

What Is Being Krissed Meaning On TikTok? Metropolitan Dictionary-You Just Being Krissed Trend Is Taking Over TikTok – Fans are scratching their heads about the significance of Krissed on Tiktok. Peer down to figure out more.

TikTok considers late prevailing fashions and hardships, and clients participate in the examples with full energy.


By recording accounts on TikTok, people gain prevalence, and a tremendous measure of money from the gifts watchers transport off them.

Tolerating the new TikTokers may be extremely hard. The new prevailing fashion that is getting exposure on TikTok is Krissed.

You Just Got Krissed, Kichi Ga Cha video is shaking the web these days.

People are making content chasing after the bearing. The short modified moving video of Kris Jenner with the sound has amassed numerous inclinations and remarks, yet what does being krissed mean?

What Is Being Krissed Meaning On TikTok? Various TikTok clients examined the significance of “You Just Got Krissed” in remarks.

One client formed, what on God’s green earth does being krissed mean? In any case, there is definitely not a specific importance uncovered as of now.

Numerous TikTok clients are confused by the new “krissed” example, and they’re keen on its importance.

A client @slayflopera bestowed a video to a created text, “Kendall Jenner detailed she is pregnant by sharing her IG post screen catch.”

You Just Got Krissed. However, for sure, there is no such data in sentimentalist papers. It’s most probable a joke to play with or a silly stunt.

One client created, What does being krissed mean? One more replied, “It suggests they are joking.”

One client wrote in the remarks, “She loves getting krissed. She isn’t reluctant to say it.”

Start Of Krissed In Urban Dictionary The start of Krissed is subtle as of now. A source uncovered Kriss is a past participle kind of Kriss. The significance of “krissed” is still under research.

Another source revealed Kriss infers Follower of the Christ.

You Just Being Krissed Trend Is Taking Over TikTok People are focused on the You Just Being Krissed design. One client modified Mille Bobby Brown’s gathering video and shared it using a hashtag krissed picture on TikTok.

The video has 147.7k inclinations and bunches of remarks. One client as of late expressed, “SHE WILL NOT GET KRISSED. She halted the video.”

The Video Scared Her FOR A MINUTE, Jodiee created.

You could have run over a Krissed video once while investigating. People are making a video that isn’t right and marking the clients.