What Is No Sir Tiktok Song About? New Trend Taking Over The Users On The Platform

The viral tune No Sir has suddenly taken over TikTok, and individuals have become fixated on it. Up to this point, everyone on the stage has been partaking in the pattern.

Besides, individuals who utilize this pattern to advance their unique clasps procure more perspectives and preferences. TikTok has pushed each new and old music to light over the long haul.


What’s going on with No Sir Tiktok Song? ‘Indeed Sir’ is the authority TikTok tune for the melody which is well known as No Sir. It has north of 100 thousand TikTok sees and is as yet developing, with many individuals valuing the infectious music and entertaining verses.

No Sir, similar to each of the tunes, has a huge significance for its audience members, and a considerable lot of them presently like it. The initial line of the melody is, “No sir, no sir, no sir “No sir, no sir, no sir. New Maybach, yet I ain’t got an escort, I’m in it for the bread, put you in a toaster oven.”

Obviously, the melody’s No Sir’ expression is the one that everyone can’t escape their heads, yet Cheif Keef’s exceptional voice, joined with the tune’s foul verses, is making netizens chuckle.

This tune is acquiring prevalence on the video-sharing site, soundtracking another age of thirst snares, creating flicks, and a straightforward, plain new move.

No Sir Lyrics And Trend Meaning Explained The TikTok pattern tune “No Sir” highlights captivating verses in which the singer alludes to all that entrancing that a youngster appreciates doing as he says “OK Sir.”

The melody was composed principally for amusement reasons and incorporates no secret words. The verse of the melody was composed by Chief Keef and it goes as,

No sir, no sir, no sir
New Maybach but I ain’t got a chauffeur
I’m in it for the bread, put you in a toaster
Ayy, yes sir
Ayy, ayy, got it lil older was a young Flexer
You know it’s a go ’cause bitch, my jacket checkered
Pop one pill but it’s a double-decker
Dududuh, ayy.

After clients began playing it as a sound on TikTok, the tune got well known.

No Sir Is Tiktok Version Of Chief Keef Original Yes Sir The expression “No Sir” is currently popular on TikTok, however the expression has been utilized from the first melody called “Yes Sir” by Cheif Keef.

@24v_rocky My babygirl got the best passenger seat in the game and nobody can compete that’s just the facts😮‍💨 #liftedtrucks #fyp #babygirl #queen #couplegoals ♬ Yes Sir – Chief Keef

Since its presentation on March 22, 2022, the tune, basically named ‘Yes Sir,’ has had more than 332 thousand perspectives on Youtube.

Numerous observers of the first video affront Chief Keef’s intonation, which revamps large numbers of the melody’s expressions and amazes a large number.

This hasn’t prevented admirers from valuing the melody, with a few professing to like using the expression “no sir” in their TikTok content.