What is Ozempic face? Side effects of popular weight loss drug explored


Ozempic is a medication that is utilized for type 2 diabetes and right now, it has turned into all the rage concerning people utilizing it to get thinner. Despite the fact that there are a few body inspiration forces to be reckoned with pushing against its utilization, there are likewise people advancing it as a technique for weight reduction.

Individuals began consuming Ozempic after bits of hearsay began doing the rounds that VIPs and tech magnates like Kim Kardashian and Elon Musk utilized such medications to get more fit. Kim was reputed to have utilized such medications to immediately turn out to be flimsy for the Met Occasion 2022 to squeeze into Marilyn Monroe’s dress, where the last option sang Blissful Birthday Mr. President.


Be that as it may, the utilization of Ozempic has driven numerous people to have “Ozempic face,” which comprises the skin all over listing. Aside from this, those taking the medication have been encountering a large group of opposite secondary effects too.

In spite of the fact that Ozempic is a medication that is principally utilized for Type 2 diabetes, various individuals have been involving it for weight reduction purposes.

One of the symptoms of this medication is “Ozempic face,” which has turned into a famous term that is being spoken about on the web. It fundamentally comprises one getting more fit all over, because of which their skin droops and frequently makes them look more seasoned than they are.

This peculiarity isn’t something that happens only because of the utilization of Ozempic however can occur by ingesting other such medications for fast weight reduction also. The explanation this term specifically has become famous is that the actual medication has as of late turned into all the rage.

The symptoms of Ozempic can go from gentle to serious. Gentle incidental effects incorporate sickness, looseness of the bowels, stomach torment, and obstruction. Moderate symptoms of this medication are cerebral pains, sluggishness, resentful stomach, skin responses like redness, expanding, and staining, an expansion in pulse, and wooziness.

Aside from this, there are likewise extreme symptoms of this medication that can significantly affect one’s wellbeing. These incorporate enlarging of the pancreas, gallbladder torment, chance of thyroid malignant growth, and the chance of harmed veins in the eye.

The gentle symptoms of this diabetes drug are generally impermanent, yet on the off chance that one is encountering extreme secondary effects, counseling a doctor is fitting.

It is vital to take note of that, even after one has quit utilizing this medication, it requires just about five weeks for it to leave the body.

As of late, a case became visible when a 41-year-elderly person, Jennifer Berger, told The New York Times that she utilized a medication called Mounjaro for weight reduction after her pregnancy. With the utilization of the medication, she had the option to shed around 20 pounds. Notwithstanding, her face started hanging and she grumbled that she looked way more established than she was.

A New York-based plastic specialist, Dr. Oren Tepper, let the Times know that it is exceptionally normal to have a droopy face subsequent to losing such a lot of weight so rapidly. The expert likewise referenced that to this end individuals begin looking a lot more seasoned when they shed pounds at a quick speed.

Another specialist, Dr. Dhaval Bhanushali, as of late let the distribution know that there has been a flood in patients confronting this specific result of utilizing such medications. He further expressed that a great many people involving such medications for weight reduction are in their 40s and 50s.